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Baseball Betting Tips 08-18-08

Aug 18, 2008 8:08 PM

Between The Lines by Kevin Stott | Heres a tough one baseball fans: Who has been worse lately, the As or the Nationals?

Since the All-Star break, Oakland has gone 5-23, averaged a paltry 2.79 runs per game, has failed to win two in a row and also traded then-ace Rich Harden in its annual Parting with a Pitcher Plan.

On the other hand, Washington has lost 10 straight, has been shut out an MLB-high 17 times and owns baseballs worst record (44-81) for a scary 35 percent win mark. Luckily for the As and Nats, the Ms (-$2,990 GTs Money Market last week) and the Padres (-$3,160) are in their respective leagues to take a little shine off of their dull. Say what?

Okay. Two questions for the 21st Century. No. 1: Why is it the Olympics have five different channels, are in Hi-Def now and have theoretically reached this plateau of programming excellence yet we in the West cant see it live? And why does it say "LIVE" when its not? Michael Phelps makes history and when we get to watch it, the thrill is already gone, or never was there, because of some unbelievable network ignorance that cripples us viewers in the West, just like the Academy Awards broadcast. Crazy stuff.

No. 2: More technological trauma Why cant I control the lights in the bathroom at work anymore? In the false pretense of saving power and showing off a cutting-edge product, I now must worry about my accuracy in the dark as well as my shoes after the motion detector detects nothing and shuts off the lights in mid-stream. And then to make matters worse, you pass the bathroom to see the lights are on but there is nobody in there. More crazy.

Lets talk about some baseball boy

Starts August 19

Nationals at Phillies (Tu-Th): Philly comes home from a West coast road trip and gets the team that cures all ills, the Nationals (see above). One team scores runs while the other appears to be allergic to them. PHILLIES.

Reds at Cubs (Tu-Th): Cincy dumped Griffey and Dunn and will rebuild for 2009 while the Baby Bears have the NLs best home record (45-17). CUBS.

Padres at Diamondbacks (Tu-Th): Arizona has been dominant against the NL West, needs these games with LA playing better and SD simply sucks (46-74). DBACKS.

As at Twins (M-Th): Minny hot at home (42-22) and in the pennant race. Oakland absolutely horrible since break (see above) and acting like home plate is made from broken glass. TWINS.

Ms at White Sox (Tu-Th): No ones farther from first than Seattle (30 GB) and the Pale Hose aware that the Twins are alphabetizing the As in the Metrodome. The ChiSox pretty good at US Cellular (sounds better as Comiskey), sporting a 42-19 mark. WHITE SOX.

BONUS: Astros-Brewers OVER, INDIANS over Royals, Tigers-Rangers OVER, REESES PEANUT BUTTER CUPS over Twix, OSCAR THE GROUCH over Kermit the Frog, Chunky-Smooth Peanut Butter, PUSH, CONSONANTS over Vowels.