Night right to go 'Crazy' at Palms Place

Aug 19, 2008 7:02 PM

The Full Monti by Monti Rock III | It’s nice to spend an evening at Palms Place, most especially when Norbert Aleman, well known producer of "Crazy Girls" and "La Cage," (at the Riviera) previews his latest creation.

"Las Vegas Crazy Girls Under Cover" is a movie produced by Norbert and scheduled for pay-per-view television. It’s Norbert’s version of "Charlie’s Angels."

A sidebar note regarding yours truly and Norbert: When I first arrived in Las Vegas, Norbert and Steve Schirippa embraced me with open arms. Steve actually wanted to build a room at the Riviera for me, but alas, I had other plans to become Cindy Adams on steroids. Wonder if it’s too late to reconsider?

Following the preview of the movie there was a wonderful party at Simon’s by the pool at Palms Place where Channel 3 reporter Alicia Jacobs was busy doing TV interviews. By the way, it seems like Palms Place is getting some free advertising from Hulk Hogan and soon-to-be ex Linda. Linda wants to sell, at a profit no doubt, the $4 million condo they were to enjoy at Palms Place.

The 2008 Olympics on television has allowed us insight into what might be considered the cultural revolution of the Chinese. It appears they spared no expense in an effort to create the grandest facilities for sport that could be designed.

The United States has been well introduced to the 2008 Olympic hero, Michael Phelps, the Eighth Wonder of the World. Michael’s domination in his sport of choice has provided more written words and pictures than any other athlete in modern times (outside of Brett Favre).

Former Olympic swimming star, Mark Spitz, in a TV interview, considers Phelps to be one of, if not the greatest Olympians ever. Now Phelps is, after capturing his eighth gold medal of the Summer Games and 16th in an unparalleled career. Time marches on and we now have a new swim hero for the Olympics and for years to come.

Last week I made mention of the opening ceremony for the Olympics but forgot to mention that I actually called one of the properties suggesting they might create something great with those drums. Just an idea.

Comedian Bernie Mac and soul singer Isaac Hayes passed away unexpectedly. Bernie Mac was considered by his fellow Kings of Comedy to be a genius. Isaac Hayes and I were both managed by my longtime friend Ruth Bowen of Queen Bookings. Many, many years ago I opened in New York City at the Cheetah club for Isaac. They will be sorely missed.

For my readers over the age of 30, 40, 50 or... you’ll surly remember Andy Warhol and his artistic creations which included paintings of Campbell’s Soup can and his involvement with underground films. That era also produced Holly Woodlawn, who is a Puerto Rican transsexual hired to replace me in the stage production of "Woman Behind Bars." I had been an earlier replacement for Divine.

Out of the blue I received a call from Holly. Seems she is now on a cross country tour and presenting Warhol stories. Back in those days Andy was not really part of the Mr. Monti Rock phenomenon since I chose to take my brand to television with the likes of Johnny Carson and Merv Griffin.

I had decided to be above ground, not underground. Some of my videos are on YouTube. Check them out on Go to broadcast videos and enter Monti Rock.

Jennifer Holliday will be appearing with George Wallace, the Mr. Las Vegas of the moment, at the Flamingo from Aug 19-26. Many of you will remember Jennifer for her performance in the original stage production of "Dream Girls" on Broadway. I’m excited to see Jennifer. Of course, George has become one of our favorite funny men.

The Flamingo seems to have a lot going on with Wallace as a regular and now Jennifer, even if it’s just a short time. And, finally Donny and Marie Osmond’s tickets are on sale for their appearances and the hotel starting Sept. 9.

The Flamingo Cabaret is bringing in comedian Vinnie Favorito from his long time gig at O’Sheas. Vinnie, another of the "insult" comics (along with Bobby Slayton), is one of the funniest people around.

Right now the biggest selling show is Cher at the Colosseum. And talk about timing, last week was the Cher Convention at Caesars Palace. Some of these Cher look-a-likes have been doing this for some 27 years. Cher has yet to appear at one of these conventions, but she does donate to their charities.

The success of the Thursday night salsa dances at South Point has resulted in the addition of Sunday afternoon sessions beginning Sept. 21. It reminds one of Basin Street East in NYC, where Sunday afternoon dancing became the thing to do. The Michito Sanchez band featuring percussionist Johnny (Dandy) Rodriguez provides the best salsa dance music.

"Raw Talent," the new show from "The Havana Nights" production crew is finally set to open at The Sahara on Sept. 12. Let’s hope all of the alleged backstage problems are behind them.

We’re all sending get well wishes to my dear, dear friend Mimi Hines, best known for her Ford and Hines act and many starring roles on Broadway.

Just in: Donald Trump to the rescue. "The Donald" has taken over the payments of Ed McMahon’s fabulous home and saved our good friend from losing it to foreclosure. Donald will own the home and will allow Ed to remain there.

Donald, you’re a gentleman!

A Monti best bet: "A Vulcan Odyssey" the book by Lawrence Montaigne. He has acted in "Star Trek," and danced and/or acted in 25 films and over 200 TV shows.
And once again, The Rev Monti, (Million Dollar Weddings), will be back next week.