Thirsty? Buy a 'six-pack' for 20-card keno

Aug 19, 2008 7:00 PM

Cluster Keno by L. J. Zahm | Just like multi-hand video poker, such as three-hand and five-hand games, multiple card video keno such as Four Card Keno and 20-Card Keno have become very popular in recent years.

One of the drawbacks of the latter, according to some players, is the high cost of betting 20 tickets on a keno game.

Indeed, "loading up" a nickel machine can be costly playing four coins on all 20 tickets costs $4 a game, which takes about five seconds to play!

Imagine the costs with higher denomination machines, such as 10 or 25 or higher (more on high denomination games below).

One solution that Ive been experimenting with has been playing only a handful of cards on the Multi-Card game.

Specifically, Ive been playing six cards out of a possible 20, sometimes with good results.

Ive been playing six cards because it gives me the coverage I need when playing certain clusters.

As Ive pointed out before, I like to bet overlapping 8-spots and 9-spots on Four Card Keno, which usually involves marking adjacent columns of numbers.

For instance, I often mark all eight numbers in the "3" and "4" columns, then overlap those two tickets with either the top and bottom 8-spot boxes, or the two "cross-over" patterns, using the top four numbers in the 3-column with the bottom four numbers in the 4-column, and vice versa.

The problem is deciding which four of the six patterns to mark. Many times the patterns I omit are ones catching the right numbers!

That problem is eliminated when you mark all six patterns on the 20-card game (and simply dont use the other 14 cards).

 Over the past week, the tactic has worked while playing 8-spots (I actually caught a solid 8-spot), as well as 9-spots, which are identical to the 8-spots, with the addition of the proverbial "orphan" outside of the two columns.

By playing the overlapping 9-spots, I was able to catch 8-of-9 last week while playing at Jerrys Nugget.

 Keep in mind that most places top out at 5 a game, with a few places such as the Palms and Red Rock going as high as 10 denomination.

Though a loaded dollar machine requires a wallet-numbing $80 per bet, the jackpot possibilities are mind-boggling.

So, if there are any super rollers out there looking for the ultimate 20-card action, check out those dollar games at Jerrys Nugget!