Almost heaven: W. Virginia No. 1

Aug 19, 2008 7:25 PM

by Mark Mayer | GamingToday’s Top 25 preseason poll released today tabbed Florida No. 1. AP and the USA Today Coaches Poll selected Georgia. Noland Parry takes the human element out of the equation. The decision comes down to comprehensive data fed into his laptop that produced West Virginia as the first college football No. 1 of the season.

"When I put together rankings, I start out with where the team finished last year and adjust the figures according to the returning starters on offense and defensive," Parry said from his Utah residence in describing how he arrives at his 1-244 rankings for preseason.

"I add together the offensive rating with the defensive rating and come up with overall number," Parry said. "For now, I don’t take schedule into play. The ratings are what the computer comes up with. Right now, it happens to be West Virginia at 184.5."

Parry’s College Football Power Guide, which will appear in next week’s GT edition, ranks teams both in Division I and 1-AA or what is known now as the sub-division. Parry also puts together rankings for GT is the NFL, NBA and major league baseball. He also puts together a power rankings guide for high football in six states – Nevada, Idaho, Texas, Washington, Oregon and Utah.

"It’s still a lot of fun to do," Parry said. "The program I use has been awesome through the years and extremely reliable in judging the performance of teams in all sports on a weekly basis."

Parry’s Top 10 include West Virginia (184.5), Southern Cal (183.7). Ohio State (182.7), Missouri (179.5), Oklahoma (177.4), Arizona (176.8), Kansas 176.6, Georgia 176.2, Oregon State 175.7 and Virginia Tech 174.8.

Other notables are Michigan (20), Utah (29), Alabama (42), Notre Dame (49), Air Force (65), Hawaii (74), Nevada (83), UNLV (95) and Army (116). Savannah State is No. 244. Parry’s opening week matchups and lines will also appear in next Tuesday’s GT issue and continue each week throughout the college football season.




Cover 1-245. bcs, division I and 1-AA

La salle dead last. I also work texas high school football.

Noland parry doing it at gt since 1985

It’s fun to do the power guide.

Do utah, Idaho, texas, Washington, Oregon, Nevada.

Been an awesome program. I never bet.

I live in utah. Big byu fan.

No personal feelings. Strictly computer.

I was shocked when it came up.