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Value fading in Majors

Aug 26, 2008 7:02 PM

Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond | September has arrived early this baseball season, as Major League Baseball lines have become unbettable. Its always been tough to find any value in September, as roster expansions with teams out of the races begin using minor leaguers in abundance.

It was and still is impossible to handicap these teams, so most games go into a 200-plus or higher money line. You could lay the run line and find a few bets that allowed you to receive more back than you put up. That value is no longer the case, as the run lines have been adjusted severely and probably rightly so.

Last Thursday, for example, with a 10-game schedule the run lines were minus money favorites in 7 of 10 games. How the hell can a guy lay minus 150 and minus a run and a half?

For me, an admitted baseball betaholic, not able to find a bet on a 10 game schedule is almost unbelievable. Problem gambling? They say you must admit first that you have a problem before it becomes solvable. But in the case of baseball betting if you win youre looked upon as "sharp," however if you lose youre looked upon as a "sicky." Perhaps one could describe me as a fairly sharp sicky, or a sick sharpy. You figure it out!

Before getting into the totals for this week, a word of advice about the last week of football exhibition games: If you bet them, you are a "sicky," as Ive never been able to find any edge when two teams play their reserves and could care less if they win or lose as long as none of their regulars get injured.

The totals were just fine this week as regardless of outlandish money lines, the overs and unders remained consistent and you always lay around 11-to-10.

Arizona at Padres: Youll see a few 7s or less here, but fear not theyll still go under.

White Sox at Baltimore: The Orioles are scoring a lot of runs and giving up a barrel full each game. Over.

As at Angels: The Angels can rest their stars and as have no stars to rest. Under.

Twins at Seattle: Little punch left in Mariners bats, Twins usually play low and close. Under.

Key match-up: Mets at Phillies very important as Phillies must win to stay in the hunt.

Later in the week.

Phillies at Cubs: hope for southwesterly winds and bet all over.

Mets at Marlins: Bet over except when Santana goes, as he doesnt give up much.

White Sox at Red Sox: Boston starters are giving up many runs, White Sox hitters can bounce them off the Green Monster. Over.

Twins at As: Twins play for 1 or 2 runs, As only gets 1 or 2 anyway. Under.

At least once each season Im compelled to recommend my alma mater for a play of the week, so Ill get it over with as early as this Thursday, as the men of Troy invade Middle Tennessee State as a 6-point favorite. Bear in mind my guys beat this team by 38 points last season so give it a shot on Troy State!

On a personal note Id like to welcome all my family to Las Vegas for this weekends double 50th year anniversary as my only brother Mort and myself celebrate our 50th together. Special kudos go out to Esther and Arlene, as they have accomplished this miraculous feat with the Diamond boys. As all the kids will be in town this weekend it goes without saying the Vegas economy should enjoy a brief spike in revenue.

Have a great week.