Nevada lifts cell phone ban

Aug 26, 2008 6:59 PM

By GT Staff | Last week the Nevada Gaming Commission suspended its ban on cell phones, wireless laptops and other communication devices in sports books, but only for one year.

Based on concerns over messenger betting – placing bets on behalf of someone outside of Nevada – the Commission decided to review the results after a year then decide whether the ban should be permanent.

The lifting of the ban was welcome news for sports bettors and other patrons who were often admonished sharply by casino security, even when they were on harmless phone calls to friends and family.

Others thought allowing cell phone usage would open the floodgates to chronic cell phone fanatics, whose annoying conversations always seem to be conducted at rock concert-like levels.

For their part, sports book managers say they will still ask patrons to observe cell phone rules at ticket counters, to show respect for the law against taking interstate bets, and to avoid disturbing other guests.

In other action, the Commission also approved Brandywine Bookmaking’s application to operate a race and sports book at Fandango Casino in Northern Nevada.

Fandango becomes the fifth Lucky’s sports book run by Brandywine.

Brandywine is expected to also take over race and sports operations at Terrible’s Casino in Las Vegas, as well as the company’s casinos in Primm.

 The Commission also approved a new management team to rebuild bankrupt Tropicana Entertainment, owner of 11 casinos across the U.S.