Lines plus Pavano equal nonsense

Aug 26, 2008 6:52 PM

From the Bullpen by Mark Mayer | I want to be like Carl Pavano, who averages $8 million for every win and stays on the disabled list for two years. Then when I come back from the dead, like Pavano did for the Yankees last Saturday at Baltimore, I could pitch five innings, gain the victory as a +145 underdog and live to earn another $8 million.

The Pavano line was among the wackiest week of prices in the majors. Topping the list of onesided lines was the Cubs’ Rich Harden as a -400 favorite against the lowly Nationals. Only the day before, Ryan Dempster was a -355 favorite. Both went on to win.

In fact, here were the various prices for Saturday’s action: -375, -235, -185 (road favorite), -275, -200, -335, -265, -183, -175 and -111 (the Oakland-Seattle game featuring Smith against Rowland-Smith). I thought we had parity in the majors. This wagering is from Mars.

Maybe we should all adopt Sid Diamond’s policy and bet nothing but over / under on totals. I did with Smith and Rowland-Smith and wound up a 2-0 winner.

Now we just need a total for how many more starts Pavano makes.