Oceanside hosts "Seniors" WCOP

Sep 2, 2008 7:00 PM

Back in the Saddle by Johnny Hale | Our poker trip to Oceanside, California and world famous Oceanís Eleven last week was great.

We always love going down to the ocean and selecting one of the best sea food restaurants in the world. Iím a fried potatoes, cornbread, piece of Jimmy Dean sausage and a big glass of cold buttermilk kind of a guy.

Iíve been married to Carol a lot of years and she now has all the money. I lie a little by mentioning my preference for fancy restaurants. When I need a new bankroll it is best to agree and be a man for all seasons!

We hosted "The Seniors" XV World Championship of Poker and its Poker Players Hall of Fame. My daughter, OK-Sarah, provided the entertainment by singing and dancing for the folks.

Oceanside is the California city that first hosted the inaugural "Seniors" WCOP.

The first event was held in Len Millerís, Oceanside Card Casino. Johnny Moss, "The Grand Old Man of Poker" was the first poker player to be inducted into "The Seniors" WCOP/HOF.

This year two new members where inducted into the Hall Ė Bob Van Horne and Haige Kelegian. They took their seats of honor with the other 60 members of "The Seniors" Hall of Fame. Check the "Seniors" WCOP/HOF website at www.ok-j.com for the pictures and names of all the members.

There were 70 players who came to play in the annual tournament with us. Ed Smith, was the winner of "The Seniors" XV World Championship of Poker beautiful trophy. Each player was given the option of contributing $50 to "The Seniors" Charities.

When they chose the option they were allowed to add $3,000 to their starting chips. The generous poker players and the Oceanís Eleven poker room contributed over $4,000 to "The Seniors" Charities. The buy in was $300 creating a prize pool of $21,000.

I got lucky and made it to the final table. With three players left, I was the chip leader. Being the host, I wanted one of the other folks to win the trophy. After we arranged the cash prize, each player contributed to the charity.

I then divided my chips equally between the two remaining players and became another of the rail birds cheering equally for the champion! Iíve won "The Seniors" WCOP championship before and did not wish to be a contestant for a repeat win.

I would play sometimes in "The Seniors" events to be with my senior friends and to support "The Seniors" Charities.

OK-J Tip of the Week

When playing poker, you never ever discuss politics, war or religious matters. You are playing poker for recreation and enjoyment of the games. Of course, it does not hurt if you win a few bucks.

I was at the poker table the other day with a mixture of folks and the one common theme all agreed upon was that they loved poker. And, most of the time, they never violated the unspoken rule of the poker table Ė donít ask or tell about the three no-noís.

Then someone lost a hand and made a casual remark concerning the winning playerís ethnic background and the parental history of the others was put to question!

Have you seen the new movie. "There Will Be Blood?" So folks, donít go there or pass the no-go line at the poker table! Behave like ladies and gentlemen and keep that stuff away from the poker table!

Poker is not life or death Ė it is more important than that!