2 for Tuesday - 09-02-2008

Sep 2, 2008 7:05 PM

2 FOR TUESDAY Richard Saber...last wk: 1-1. ’08: 57-34 (62.6%)

PIRATES at REDS (Snell 5-10 v Fogg 2-7)

Pittsburgh came to Cincy on a 10-game losing streak and glad to be away from home. We’re stepping out here and taking the dog as the bleeding stops against the Reds. PIRATES.

YANKS at RAYS (Mussina 18-7 v Garza 11-7)

With Yanks on the red-eye from Detroit, you would think this was the perfect spot for Tampa Bay. But there’s still some pride left in the Bombers. YANKS.

2 FOR TUESDAY Mark Mayer... last wk: 1-2. ’08: 52-41 (55.9%)

PIRATES at REDS (PIT 0-10 last 10, CIN 5-5 L10)

Ian Snell is a better pitcher than his record shows for the Pirates and they should know Josh Fogg real well. Fogg is 2-7 with Cincy, which is why he no longer pitches for Pittsburgh. PIRATES.

YANKS at RAYS (NYY 5-5 last 10, TB 7-3 L10)

Tampa Bay may stick a fork in the Yanks after this series, but Mike Mussina is the one guy that could delay the celebration. YANKEES...Bonus: GIANTS.