Wager all games you want!

Sep 2, 2008 7:03 PM

Vaccaro’s Views by Jimmy Vaccaro | With the first full week of college football action done, choices must be made.

For the next 13 weekends, there are full menus that create both good and bad scenarios. Do you play early or late? Do you bet full limits or look for a lead that provides options later in the week? How many games are enough? Did you overbet?

Remember the biggest ally a bookmaker has is actually threefold. The 11-10 goes without saying, aligned with randomness of selections and creating a little confusion. In the movie "Casino," Joe Pesci’s character confronts the guy and says, "No, I wasn’t taking, I was laying." Unfortunately, it is not as easy as that.

First, play when you feel it is appropriate to jump in. Bet early on favorites and late on dogs. Pardon the pun "dogs may not have the bite they once did." I have seen the unsophisticated over bet. The person knows the number will move in his direction only to see that the line backed up like a Georgia mule. There is just a very select group who can do this efficiently season after season. Trust me on this one.

Second, do not go into a week with a predetermined amount of sides you want to be on. The more the better. If you like 10 games go to it.

Conversely, if only a few games look ripe to you then those should be the ones played.

Third, limits are very arbitrary. Really people shouldn’t listen to anyone but themselves on this topic. Just ask yourself what is your threshold of pain and go from there. Are some games worth more than others?

I have seen some people be on polar opposites about this subject. They still play and do all right. I personally believe some betting opportunities should be pushed, but that is my opinion.

Guys like the shotgun effect in betting a lot of games for the same amount. As slight as their edge may be, they know they will never "win" a double bet or "lose" one either.

People with the opposite point of view feel theirs is a better chance of showing a win for the season. But, these people fully understand that even a double play still has the chance of being decided by an unforseen situation.

Whatever you take from this, it comes down to the meaning of the word "gamble." It’s defined as betting on an uncertain outcome. So check your dance card as the party officially starts this week.

I’ll check back with you from Reno.