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Sports Notes - 09-02-2008

Sep 2, 2008 6:56 PM


Alabama went off at 60-1 at MGM MIRAGE to win the national championship, but you better run to the book fast before it drops. Those who believe the SEC is superior to the ACC are walking tall this week after what the Tide did to Clemson and how South Carolina marched through NC State.

Speaking of the SEC and MGM, there is a three-team prop involving Georgia, USC and Ohio State against the field to reach the BCS title game. If any of the three make it, the payoff is +170. Should Florida and Oklahoma (among other possibles) make it, the payoff would be -200. Still, the prop is one of the subtle changes Jay Rood has made at MGM MIRAGE that have been well received. Rood likes USC. He also liked Clemson, but we won’t talk about that. – mark mayer



Didn’t Manchester United just beat Chelsea to win the UEFA Champions League soccer? Yes, but the competition is firing up again for 2009 and the Las Vegas Hilton has posted the early odds. And, surprise Chelsea is the 5-1 favorite.

Manchester United, led by the acknowledged world’s best player, Cristiano Ronaldo, is grouped with Inter Milan as the co-second choice at 6-1. Ronaldo is injured, but should be okay when the competition begins. The finals are Wednesday, May 27 in Rome, Italy. Here’s the remaining breakdown: Barcelona 7-1, Real Madrid 8-1, Arsenal 12-1, Liverpool 12-1, Bayern Munich 15-1, Juventus 15-1, Roma 20-1, Lyon 30-1, Zenit St. Petersburg 30-1, Atletico Madrid 30-1, Villarreal 40-1, Fiorentina 40-1, Werder Bremen 50-1, Porto 50-1. All others 80-1 or more .