Daily Picks

May 11, 2001 7:48 PM
NBA Picks
By: Adam Soboleski
Friday, May 10

Toronto Raptors —2 vs. Philadelphia 76ers: The Sixers brought their ”˜A’ game to Game 2, and Allen Iverson brought his ”˜A+’ game. Game 2 reminded me of Game 2 of the Indiana series, the Sixers had their backs to the wall, and played outstanding. If you follow a pattern for Game 3, the Sixers won a close game in Indiana. Well, the Raptors are better than the Pacers, and match-up better with the Sixers. Don’t expect Philly to play another ”˜A’ game. Play Raptors —2.

Sacramento Kings —2 vs. Los Angeles Lakers: Arco Arena will be unbelievably loud tonight. I’m sure the cowbells will be ringing behind the Lakers’ bench during timeouts. The Lakers are getting no bench play, and you need that on the road to win a title. The Kings play much better at home, and played the Lakers tough in L.A. Play Kings —2.

Thursday’s record: 0-1.
Playoff individual game record:22-18-2.
Playoff series record:7-1.
Regular season record:126-128-5.

The Saber's Edge: Major League Baseball
By Richard Saber
Friday, May 11

Astros over Reds

Brewers over Pirates

Padres over Marlins

Giants over Mets

Tigers over Angels

Mariners over Blue Jays

Twins over Royals

Thursdays Record: 4-3
Season to date:130-130-5.