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RFID chips gaining casino acceptance

Sep 8, 2008 8:39 PM

by Ray Poirier | Some may think of it as casino spying but it appears that the innovative casino chip with radio frequency identification devices (RFID) stored in their little bellies are finally catching on in the gaming industry.

At least that’s what the folks at Gaming Partners International Corp. say. They are big suppliers of casino chips and table game equipment through their worldwide distribution centers. They are also among the world leaders in developing and selling this RFID chip.

Although costly, when compared to your regular casino chips, the RFID chips can tell the casino manager exactly how many chips are in play at each table on the casino floor.

They also protect the casinos from counterfeiting, theft and other misuse of gaming chips.

Rather than having floor supervisors studying a player’s actions to evaluate "comp" requests, the supervisors need only check the automatic player tracking monitor that accurately rate players based on actual wagering volumes.

Gaming Partners, the parent company of such companies as Paulson, Bud Jones and Bourgogne et Grasset, says that 40% of its chip sales in the U.S. this year were the RFID variety while the Macau percentage of sales was 48%.

The casino may not be peeking at your hole cards but those with RFID chips will have a pretty good idea what’s happening with your chips.