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2 for Tuesday - 09-09-2008

Sep 9, 2008 6:58 PM

2 FOR TUESDAY Richard Saber...last wk: 2-0. ’08: 59-34 (63.4%)

RAYS at RED SOX (Kazmir 11-6 v Matsuzaka 16-2)

Looks like Tampa Bay is feeling the pressure down the stretch, while Boston has been there before. Fenway is gold for Boston and Dice-K almost never loses. RED SOX.

DODGERS at PADRES (Kuroda 8-10 v LeBlanc 0-1)

LA has been on a major roll in forging to the lead in the NL West. Hiroki Kuroda isn’t great, but should beat Wade LeBlanc. YANKS...Bonus: TWINS.

2 FOR TUESDAY Mark Mayer... last wk: 2-1. ’08: 54-42

JAYS at WHITE SOX (Litsch 10-8 vs Richard 2-3)

Toronto comes into Chicago riding an eight-game win streak and facing basically a fifth starter. Jessie Litsch has a tidy 1.25 ERA in his last three starts. Toronto hasn’t given up the fight. JAYS.

RANGERS at M’s (Padilla 12-7 vs Hernandez 9-9)

The pitching records are deceiving. Padilla has an 8.40 ERA in his last three outings. Felix the Cat has a 3.18 ERA for the season.M’s...Bonus: ASTROS.