9-spot works best

Sep 9, 2008 6:57 PM

Cluster Keno by L. J. Zahm | Video keno players are always asking what is the best ticket to play – a 6-spot, 7, 10 or whatever?

There is no simple answer since it depends on what the player wants to get out of the game. For those content for modest jackpots without a lot of outlay, then the 5 and 6- spot games are ideal. They offer a good chance of hitting a decent payoff ($800 and $1,600) for a solid five or six respectively over a four quarters bet.

These spots also have enough lower level payoffs – 4 of 5, 4 of 6, 5 of 6 etc. The big attraction of the 7 and 8- spot is the shot at hitting a lottery-like jackpot. Toward that end, the 9-spot offers the best of both worlds.

There is the opportunity for a huge payoff (hitting 8 of 9 or all 9), but it also holds a decent consolation payoff with a 7 of 9 jackpot, which pays a very respectable $335 (at $1) at odds of 1690-1.

While it’s always possible to hit a solid 9-spot, most players should realistically hope to hit the 8 of 9. This one pays the $4,700 jackpot for a $1 game with odds of about 30,000-1. The odds of hitting the $4,700 jackpot are about 25 percent less than hitting a royal flush on a poker machine.