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Slot trends explored in week-long conference

Sep 9, 2008 7:03 PM

By David Stratton | In the casino business, slots are king.

Across the country, casino slot machines bring in at least $20 billion a year, raking in more cash than movie tickets, retail book sales and specialty coffee, according to industry reports.

One of the hottest trends in slot/casino marketing is free slot play. Every week, Nevada casinos flood mailboxes of their patrons with offers for some kind of free slot-machine play.

And the trend is spreading – casinos in other states have begun using free slot play as a tool to keep their customers coming in.

The use of free slot play and other trends in slot management will be the topic of discussion at the week-long Slot Leadership Program, sponsored by CDC Consulting and UNLV’s International Gaming Institute, September 22-26.

The first segment of the program (Monday-Wednesday) is tailored toward gaming professionals interested in expanding their knowledge of all aspects of slot operations and marketing.

Topics will include:

• Slot operations layout and product mix

• Slot performance analysis

• Players’ clubs and player tracking

• Database marketing

• Video poker

• Designing and evaluating casino promotions

• Analyzing competitors’ player rewards programs.

The second phase of the program (Thursday-Friday) takes a more strategic approach including a look toward the future and how to prepare for it.

The Advanced Topics in Slot Operations will include:

• The casino of tomorrow

• Current issues in marketing

• Aligning company strategies with customers

• Game purchasing

• Evolution of slot analytics

• Preparing for tomorrow’s technology

• A deeper look at the slot player experience

Among the speakers scheduled to give presentations at the conference are Jeffrey Compton, Bob Dancer, Randy Fine, Linda Florence, Anthony Lucas, John-Martin Meyer, Mac McIntire, Carole Molnar, Dave Newton, Jay Sarno, Grey Shay, Todd Simons, and John Stone.

For details or a brochure, contact UNLV’s International Gaming Institute or CDC Consulting.