Dogs draggin' from first week

Sep 9, 2008 7:04 PM

Denny the Dog by Dennis Ball |

last week

The dogs werenít up to snuff in Week 1. Itís time for them to get their tails in gear!

Sunday, Sept. 14:

Bears +5 at Panthers: Bears canít possibly play as well as they did against the Colts. Jake Delhomme snaked a last second TD pass to upset San Diego. Look for that momentum to carry them to another big win. PANTHERS.

Titans -1 at Bengals: This game is all about respect. Iíve lost all respect for the Bengals. The Titans find ways to win. LenDale White and Chris Johnson give Tennessee a big edge in the thunder and lightning department. TITANS.

Packers -1 at Lions: I drank the preseason, hyped up Kool-Aid from Detroit and it killed me in Atlanta. Iím taking another swig. If they canít beat Green Bay in their first home game it probably will be time to spit up the hype! LIONS.

Bills +7 at Jags: Is Buffalo that good or are the Seahawks that bad? One thing is for sure, the Jagsí offensive line and receivers are a little banged up. The Jagsí running attack versus Tennessee was more like a retreat! BILLS.

Raiders +2Ĺ at Chiefs: Iím taking the small number in a dead even game. Iím throwing out the tough cover and near win by Kansas City at New England because of the Brady-less factor. RAIDERS.

Colts -3 at Vikings: Peyton Uno Ocho looked very rusty in his first action of the season. Should get a little smoother each week. But this wonít be the environment to get a breather. The Vikes will present more challenges than the Bears. VIKES.

Giants -7 at Rams: The Rams have more questions than answers after laying an egg in Philly. Offensive line has issues. Steven Jacksonís holdout didnít help. Bulger wonít find holes in 5-starter-less Giants defense. GIANTS.

Saints +1Ĺ at Skins: Saints have more playmakers than the Skins. But more importantly, the playmakers they have are more familiar with the offensive system. Right now the Skins offense looks dazed and confused. SAINTS.

49ers +9Ĺ at Seahawks: Matt Hasselbeck didnít exactly convince me that heís ready to go. Maybe he still has a "balky" back? Tough to pass on nearly double digits when the favorite looks a tad overrated. NINERS.

Falcons +9Ĺ at Bucs: Matt Ryan received a big boost with the 200-plus yard performance of the human bowling ball, Michael Turner. The Falcons defense will do enough of the same to keep this one real close. FALCONS.

Dolphins +7 at Cards: Chad Pennington held the Dolphinsí offense together pretty well against the Jets. It doesnít get any easier for the Tunaís revamped defense here. Cards seems to be rallying around Kurt Warner. CARDS.

Chargers -3Ĺ at Broncos: San Diego was zapped with one of their own lightning bolts in their home opener. It may take the Chargers some time to recover. Broncos might unleash some lightning of their own in the home opener. BRONCOS.

Ravens +5 at Texans: Houston was destroyed in Pittsburgh. Should be able to pick up the pieces and take advantage of Joe Flaccoís second pro start. TEXANS.

Patriots +2Ĺ at Jets: No Tom Brady means the Pats go from 5-or 6-point road favorites to a slight underdog with one twisted knee. Patriotsí Super Bowl dream turned into a nightmare with the blink of an eye. What a difference a great QB makes! JETS.

Steelers -5 Ĺ at Browns: Cleveland coming off humiliating loss to Cowboys in home opener. The revamped defensive front didnít show up versus Dallas. Browns have to pull out all stops in this game or start 0-2. BROWNS.

Monday, Sept. 15

Eagles +7Ĺ at Cowboys: The Cowboys may think they are a little better than they actually are. Iím not too sure how good the Eagles are, but I think they show up and play tough. EAGLES.