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Reno a yes to me

Sep 9, 2008 7:00 PM

Vaccaro's View by Jimmy Vaccaro | Other than one football season at the Atlantis in Nassau, the other 33 have been spent in Las Vegas. That was up until this last weekend when I was in Reno.

Nice city, "absolutely." Fine accommodations, for sure. Weather, you would sign a contract for. Betting attitudes are as different as the north and south that separates the cities.

Four-teamers with two-run lines attached are as common as the soup of the day in any deli. They actually wait for people to get done with their transaction to get their bet in. A limit bet is hard to find. A drink ticket is worth much more than a 5-star restaurant meal.

Yes, booking here is quite different than I anticipated. Some smarts are here but they are few and far between. Most books are tied into a static line and the moves in Reno are harder to get at. In Vegas a stray line can actually be found easier if that’s possible.

The Atlantis hotel here and the Peppermill stand on their own two feet, but there was never even an opinion from those places that stood out. The Grand Sierra Resort showed all the games on big screens in the theater and drew a big crowd. Limits are fair, while contests are abundant and done quite well.

The moves were ignored on the parlay cards and they could care less about any service release or 2-point moves played on that card. Gimmicks were at the top of their desires and reflected in all of the props we used for this weekend’s games. We would write five or six tickets on a prop, but the money was usually trumped from down south by one bet.

Regional bias was not evident as they all used Texas Tech in their parlays against hometown Nevada. Cheering was on par with every book I have been in, but the meter went off the chart when Urban Meyer kicked the field to put the Gators up by 23.

Bottom line: Football is still universal and Reno is just as anxious as anywhere to get the season started. Would I come back? All they have to do I ask.

Next week: Different guys, same results.