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Eastside Cannery's book's player-friendly

Sep 9, 2008 7:05 PM

by Kevin Stott | One of the gems of the Eastside Cannery’s new $250 million casino on the Boulder Highway "Strip" that just opened on August 28 is its roomy and well-lit sports book.

Run by Race and Sports Book Director Eric St. Clair, the sports book – which now serves as the hub for the entire Cannery family – is positioned conveniently next to the casino’s south end parking lot providing easy access and plenty of parking for the sports bettor.

With 80 brand spanking new seats – I recommend getting in and smelling that fresh wood smell before too many beers are spilled – with their own private viewing monitors and nine massive flat-screen televisions on the front wall, seeing all of the action certainly will be no problem for patrons of the Eastside Cannery.

One standout feature of this sports book is the ticker, a custom-made unit made by Trans-Lux built to fit the wall perfectly which features the use of color, logos for all teams and a news headlines amidst the scoring updates.

"We’ve got a lot of compliments on that," St. Clair said of the massive state-of-the-art ticker.

Behind the sports book sits an elevated center bar equipped with tabletop machines, sweeping views of the casino and another wall with televisions built high into the wall for optimal viewing for all patrons in the general sports book area.

On the left side of the book the casino has put a quality eatery called The Deli which offers a variety of munchies including "The Parlay Burger," where patrons can order 1-leg (¼-lb. beef patty), 2-leg (½-lb.), 3-leg (¾-lb) or 4-leg (1 lb.) burgers depending on the size of their appetite.

One of the nicer aspects of the sports book is the amount of space designated to the entire "sports book" area. In the back near the bar and deli are groups of small tables with large roundish chairs for the fan who wants to take in all the action from a distance and not necessarily be up front with all of the horse and sports players.

St. Clair said the spaciousness was one of the planned features of the new book.

"One of my favorite things is the roominess," he said. "You can sit next to each other and not feel crowded. And the place’s overall décor and color scheme is just great."

St. Clair also touted the ventilation system – a big thing to a number of us who have spent hours in other sports books virtually chewing on cigarette smoke – as well as the general layout of the entire room which he said was doing decent business in its first week booking bets.

"I’m very pleased with the sports book," he said. "We have a couple of little bugs to work out but I’m very happy with it."

And St. Clair said the Cannery Casino Resorts will continue to evolve its three sports books in the future.

"We’re going to keep expanding the betting menu and things we offer," St. Clair said. "We’re looking at (booking) UFC and boxing in the future."

The Cannery’s former sports book manager, Kevin Klein, was promoted to run the show for St. Clair over at the Eastside Cannery with Joe Porrello taking Klein’s old spot at the Cannery. Marty Seagren serves as manager of the Rampart sports book.

St. Clair thinks Klein is the perfect guy for the new jewel in CCR’s crown.