Saber's Horse Racing Betting Tips - 09-11-08

Sep 11, 2008 7:56 PM

Horse Racing Betting Tips by Richard Saber |

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Race 2

We have trainer Peter Miller saddling a first time starter No. 4 Its in Gods Hands in a very weak field and Pedroza rides. Bill Spawr sends out No. 8 El Gato Guapo who has speed and Potts. 4-8

Race 3

This looks like a cold two horse race with No. 2 Geauxforthedeux who drops trying to cash for trainer Carla Gaines who sends out her first horse of the meet, she may have found a good spot for the maiden breaker. No. 4 Black Tux will be right here shadowing deux till the end. No. 6 Baby Gotham exits the same race as Tux and may get up for a piece. 2*-4*-6

Key Play

$2 tri box 2-4-6 for $12

$10 Q 2-4 for $10

$5 double

2nd 4-8

3rd 2-4 for $20

Race 4

Cant get involved as Mike Mitchell drops No. 1 Love Happens from 20k to 8k. Mr. Mitchell has been known to play a little poker but I wont call, this 3yo fillie wins for fun or don’t finish but if I had an extra 8k laying around I would take a shot at the claim.

Race 5

No. 2 Brite Turn woke up at the Bay Meadows fair when bet down and may be ready for the maiden breaker today. No. 4 Warren’s Tony R. will be flying late. No. 6 Transpotting is a first time starter for trainer Cerin who has one winner from one starter at the meet, Pedroza says he will ride so potting is live. 2-4-6

Key Play

$4 Q box 2-4-6 for $12

$1 tri box 2-4-6 for $6

Race 6

There are several in here that have had a lot of chances but this field is so weak they could win. We will start off with first time starter No. 5 Tiger George who may win by default. No. 8 Holy Mystery and No. 9 Peace Prospect are the best of the ones that have run. 5-8-9

$2 exacta box 5-8-9 for $12

$4 Key Q 9 with 5-8 for $8

$2 double

5th 2-4-6

6th 5-8-9 for $18

Race 7

No. 3 Blaze it is obviously the one to beat at what will be a short price. No. 6 Yes He’s a Pistol drops as his trainer says someone please claim him, No. 7 Skimming Bye may be live for a sharp trainer at a price. 3*-6-7

Key Play

$10 Q 3 with 6-7 for$20

$2 exacta box 3-7 for $4

Race 8

This race is very tough as most have a legit shot at the win. No. 2 I Catherine is on the improve for trainer Lisa Lewis and is 8/1 in the morning line, she exits the same race as No. 6 Fastcar to Freedom who ran second in that race at .80 cents on the dollar, her win spirit is in question. No. 8 Meat Sauce gets Pedroza for trainer Ted West who has won here with almost everthing that he has run. 2-6-8

Key Play

$2 exacta box 2-6-8

$4 doubles

7th 3

8th 2-6-8

$2 doubles

7th 6-7

8th 2-6-7 for $12

Race 9

No. 3 Pack Your Bags gets his first start off the Mark Glatt claim and looks to have found a nice spot at what will be a nice price with Brice Blanc riding, he will try and run them down late. No. 4 Watch Over Me has eight wins and eleven seconds from 27 lifetime starts and the 7yo ran a good second on this course late year. 3-4

Race 10

No. 4 Legacy North is 6/5 in the morning line, she is a must use but is by far no cinch. No. 5 Gotham Glory 12/1 is a first time starter for trainer Moger and he can pop at a price. No. 8 Not So Good exits the same race as the 2 and 6 in race eight so keep an eye out for how those two run, this girl has speed and may not stop today. No. 9 Don’t Tell Sandi is a first timer that attracts Pedroza. 4-5-8-9

Key Play

$1 tri box 4-5-8-9 for $24

$1 pick three

8th 2-6-8

9th 3-4

10th 4-5-8-9 for $24