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Get in right mood when playing video poker

Sep 16, 2008 7:00 PM

Winning Strategies by Elliot Frome | One of the biggest lies told about using proper math strategies when playing casino games is the notion that you have to play endlessly like a robot.

While there is truth in the idea that achieving the theoretical payback requires that you play every hand correctly, this does mean that as soon as you make a single mistake that the entire model collapses.

If you make a single ‘one-time’ mistake, then the impact will be rather small, perhaps imperceptible, to the payback. If you make the same ‘minor’ mistake over and over again, then it will make a minor impact to the payback. If you make the same ‘significant’ mistake over and over again, then it is likely to take a significant bite out of the payback.

The whole premise of last week’s article was the importance of playing games that you like to play or that you are in a mindset to play. That is why sometimes I like to play table games and or video poker. It depends on my mood.

Mood may be the ultimate non-math item, but it cannot be discounted in terms of its potential impact on our gambling sessions. Mood may impact the enjoyment of playing any game. Nobody wants to do something they’re not in the mood to do.

Video poker takes a fair amount of concentration to recognize the different hands and determine how each should be played. If you’re not in the mood, you’re going to get sloppy.

If you are angry about something, it might cause you to do something you normally would not do. In this case, you may completely change your normal strategy and the results might prove to be far more dangerous.

From a money perspective, the casino is not a good place to ride out a mood swing.

My advice is not to gamble while angry. Of course, if the game you’re in the mood to play has a terrible payback, you just have to be aware of this going in.