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2 for Tuesday - 09-16-2008

Sep 16, 2008 7:05 PM

2 FOR TUESDAY Richard Saber...last wk: 2-1. ’08: 61-35

CARDS at REDS (STL 3-7 in last 10, CIN 7-3 last 10)

The season is winding down so we’re searching for some dogs to play. St. Louis fits the bill having lost five straight. Cincy has been done for quite some time. CARDINALS.

ANGELS at A’s (Lackey 11-3 v Gallagher 1-2)

The Angels locked up the AL West, but are still interested in gaining the best record in the league. Lackey 14-3 lifetime vs A’s. ANGELS...Bonus: ASTROS.

2 FOR TUESDAY Mark Mayer... last wk: 2-1. ’08: 56-43 (56.6%)

WHITE SOX at YANKS (Floyd 15-7 vs Pettitte 13-13)

Andy Pettitte has struggled this month and the Yanks are dead in the water. Not so with the White Sox, fighting the Twins for first in Central. Gavin Floyd has been steady all year. WHITE SOX.

CARDS at REDS (Looper 12-12 vs Arroyo 14-10)

Bronson Arroyo (2-0, 0.81 ERA) has been as good as anyone this month. St. Louis is fading from the Wild Card picture. REDS...Bonus: MARINERS.