Steelers' Romeo on take?

Sep 16, 2008 6:58 PM

Denny the Dog by Dennis Ball |

last week

Steelers’ bettors should be calling for an investigation into Romeo Crennel’s decision to kick a field goal with under four minutes left in the Sunday night game.

The Steelers were up 10-3 at the time. Cleveland elected on fourth down and 7 to kick a field goal. Romeo, that made the game 10-6! You still needed a TD to win!

Romeo must have had a big bet on his own team.

Let’s press on in an attempt to sniff out the live dawgs and feisty faves.

Chiefs +3 at Falcons: With Brodie Croyle out with a separated shoulder and Damon Huard throwing the ball with what appears to be a broken arm, the Chiefs are down to Tyler Thigpen and Lenny Dawson. FALCONS.

Raiders +9 at Bills: Word out of the Oakland front office is that the GM will fire Al Davis as early Thursday and retain Lane Kiffin as owner. The new coach will be John Madden. Don’t let the Raiders big win over KC make you do anything foolish. BILLS.

Bucs +3 at Bears: I’m on Da Bears bandwagon after a crushing performance against Indy, followed by a near upset of the Panthers at Carolina. Both clubs will show off intimidating defenses. I think Griese will crack under severe pressure. BEARS.

Panthers +3½ at Vikings: Late heroics have been happening on a weekly basis for Jake Delhomme. While Jake has been busy snaking, the Vikes have been snake-bitten twice. Tarvaris Jackson has not been able to throw effectively. PANTHERS.

Dolphins +12 at Patriots: The Fish aren’t as stinky as they might have smelled in Arizona. Pats came out with the sole purpose of protecting Matt Cassel and turning the defensive heat up a notch. Mission accomplished. But 12 is a little over the edge. DOLPHINS.

Bengals +12 at Giants: Highly disciplined Super Bowl champion team versus an extremely undisciplined franchise. It’s time for Marvin to circle the inmates (I meant wagons) and play for some pride. BENGALS.

Texans +5 at Titans: I hate to add to the mental anguish of Vince Young. But Kerry Collins is probably an upgrade in the straight drop back passing department. Houston would be better off to start dialing 911 early in the week to locate Vince and make sure he gets back on that field. I can’t say enough good things about the way Jeff Fisher’s defense plays the game. TITANS.

Cards +4 at Skins: Skins rebounded from stinker against G-men and came from behind to beat the Saints. But the Cards have been more consistent at 2-0. This game in Washington is their biggest test to date and I think they’ll respond in the underdog role. CARDS.

Saints +4 at Broncos: The loss of Marques Colston hurts the Saints’ chances of winning the game much more than covering the point spread. The Saints still have enough weapons to win straight up. And there are plenty of leaks in the Denver defense, even though they’re 2-0! SAINTS.

Lions +3½ at 49ers: Now that the Lions have been run over two weeks in a row, you might as well set up a boxing ring on the sideline. Matt Millen can provide the ropes and Marinelli can bring the gloves. What do the Lions do now that they promised the new improved Lions would show up last Sunday against Green Bay? Go ahead, make another promise guys. You can do it! LIONS.

Rams +10 at Seahawks: Two things you can count on in this game for sure. If you bet the Seahawks you’ll be laying too big a price. And, Scott Linehan will provide plenty of entertainment during the postgame interview. Seattle was blown away in Buffalo and then blew a big lead and game to the 49ers. RAMS.

Browns +2 at Ravens: Browns have the better team. But it looks like they may have to overcome the burden of a much less effective and less intelligent coaching staff. The Ravens are not at the same level of play as the Cowboys and Steelers, which have been the Browns’ competition over the last two weeks. Cleveland should be able to take advantage of Joe Flacco. BROWNS.

Jaguars +6 at Colts: Both teams off to a shaky start in my opinion, even though the Colts snuck out of Minnesota with a win. Jags took a loss to a nasty Titans’ D and then hosted a hungry Bills club that is highly underrated. Colts were smacked around by the Bears and then had to come from way back to nip the Vikes by a field goal. Neither offensive line is in great shape and I think that affects Manning more than David Garrard. JAGS.

Steelers +2½ at Eagles: Both teams coming off nationally televised and big division rivalry games. I’ll take the home team in a very close match-up. EAGLES.

Cowboys -3 at Packers: Aaron Rodgers has answered all the critics and all the questions so far. But the Cowboys are the better team right now. COWBOYS.

Jets +9½ at Chargers: The Monday Night Game. Chargers still looking for their first win. It’s not a cinch they will grab it here! JETS.

BEST BONES: Dolphins +12, Cards +3½, Lions + 3½ .