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Dirty Dozen - 09-16-2008

Sep 16, 2008 7:04 PM

1. Wash State: Maybe the Cougars can get a victory against Division 1AA Portland State.

2. Syracuse: See above, only substitute Northeastern University for Portland State.

3. Army: Two weeks for the Cadets to prepare for Akron won’t be enough.

4. Michigan: The Wolverines’ ineptitude will reach new depths against Wisconsin.

5. Idaho: If the Vandals don’t beat Utah State, they will climb in the poll.

6. Rutgers: The Scarlet Knights should beware of the dreaded Navy Midshipmen.

7. Florida International: Unbeaten South Florida could score 50 on this cupcake.

8. UAB: Alabama Birmingham should not expect Alabama State to be a pushover.

9. N. Texas: Averaging 10 points a game won’t cut it in two weeks against high-powered Rice.

10. Colorado State: A week off won’t lessen the upcoming shellacking this week with Houston.

11. Memphis: The Tigers just keep finding ways each week to lose games.

12. UCLA: How do you not score against a defense that is ranked in the bottom 10 percent?