Advice to casinos: Book'em, Dano!

Sep 16, 2008 7:01 PM

Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond | Although I haven’t been asked, I’ve decided to give some hopefully worthwhile advice to the decision makers of sports wagering in Nevada. This group has downsized immensely since 2000, but the problems with upper management are still prevalent.

Assuming you do all your homework and live sports wagering every day, it is somewhat ridiculous that other management employees are egotistical enough to make key decisions for you.

There has always been friction between accounting, marketing and others with sports book directors. Nobody can predict outcomes as well as those of us who are amongst it every day.

The pressure that you put on yourself is sufficient for any of you. Always attempt to guide your games toward the middle, and you’ll see the extra vig will cut into your losses in a major way, and your wins will overcome all.

For years we always followed this philosophy, and our hold percentage was always among the best in the state. To never deviate from the majority becomes the safe way of operating. If you think you know direction of lines better, and don’t institute your knowledge, it’s criminal, and a definite detriment to your establishment.

There are no bad bets, as the more you book and adjust the more 11-10 comes into play. A total acceptance of standard numbers is not doing your job, as you should know better, and probably do.

If you become defensive due to "bean counters" or others, your operation will always be in the middle of the mix. Your blood pressure will continue to rise and ulcer development is in your future.

Be cool, brothers, book more and live longer, and trust your own judgment; it’s only a job and with your resume there always will be plenty of others available. Just don’t go into the accounting department and tell them how to count the beans.

It was an interesting weekend for football, as it seemed as though the big moves got the money in most cases, especially Sunday with the pros.

To illustrate my point, start with the openers on Sunday as the Packers were a slim 1-point favorite over the hosting Detroit team. They closed at -3, -20 and won by 23. Buffalo opened at +6½, and closed in the +4 bracket, a 2½- point move. They won straight up by 4.

The biggest move that I could see was the Chargers going from a 3½-point favorite to a +1 underdog at game time. The Broncos won by 1, which was the worst scenario for the joints. The only players that lost this game were the ones that didn’t bet on it.

The biggest move in the college ranks belonged to USC, as this game came out in August with the Trojans about a 5-point favorite as a futures bet that most of us thought was too high then, so you can imagine what we thought of the closing number of -12 on Saturday. They won by 32 in a total mismatch.

I’ve got to start this week with Vanderbilt, as they’ve covered three weeks in a row. This team is under the radar. They’ll be getting about a touchdown while visiting Mississippi. Take the points here and keep riding this team.

When June Jones left Hawaii he went to SMU as the head coach. He’s a great offensive coach to say the least, but he forgot to bring his defense with him. TCU is a 24½-point favorite as a visitor, and they should be more. Lay the wood here.

UCLA opens as a pick against Arizona. They did beat Tennessee at home a few weeks ago, and they are better than ‘Zona. Forget about the BYU game and take UCLA here.

In the pros, the Falcons opened as a 3-point favorite over the visiting Chiefs, who after only two games have established themselves as the worst team in the league by far. Lay the 3 here.

The Patriots are -13½ over the Dolphins, which I think is too many, for as Miami shows signs of improvement – take the points.

The Bears opened as a slim 1-point favorite hosting the Bucs. Their defense has been very impressive so far, and turnovers will propel them to a victory here.

The 49ers are giving 3 points to the visiting Lions, a team that can’t shut down anybody, especially on the road. Lay the 3, and you’ll be full of glee.

Have a great week.