May 14, 2001 7:27 PM

Europoa cruises Corporation reported their first quarter earnings for 2001.

The company reports a net loss after preferred dividends of $188.285. Compared to last years net loss of the same quarter; $799,341. The net loss for the common share of stock is $0.006. Last years net loss was much worse;$0.028 per common share.

Deborah A. Vitale, president and Chairman of the Board of Directors, commented on the stock, “The first quarter finical results reflect that this is a turn around company that has successfully divested itself of its major losing operations.”

On the same note, For the three month quarter BBTC reports net income of, $2.77million or $0.22 per share. At the end of six months BBTC reports net income of, $2.90 million. Prices at the per share level are $0.23.

The marked change in the net income is the sale of the company’s entertainment segment to On Stage Entertainment, Inc.