Matt Cassel: You're no Tom Brady!

Sep 23, 2008 7:06 PM

Denny the Dog by Dennis Ball |

last week

Hey listen up you New England Patriots die-hards. Are you still dreaming of Matt Cassel stepping right in and leading your team to Tom Brady’s promised land?

Well, you can officially wake up. It’s no longer a dream. The Fish turned the dream into a nightmare. Just remember, things could always be worse. You could be a fan in winless cities like Cincinnati, Cleveland, Houston, Kansas City, Detroit and St. Louis.

Chargers fans will have to sweat out the Monday night game before we put them in that same sinking boat.

The dogs were anything but special last week. Let’s see what looks especially inviting for Week 4.

Falcons +7 at Panthers: Matt Ryan is not playing anything like the raw rookie he should be. Still Ryan was up against two rookie cornerbacks versus Kansas City and the mighty Lions. I think the Panthers will be angry cats, itching to take on someone less experienced than Gus Frerotte and the Vikings’ defense. PANTHERS.

Browns +3 at Bengals: You would think one of these big losers has to come away with a win. Browns have been hit hard with injuries, but they also might have the worst coaching staff in the league. I’d go with Cleveland if the Brady Quinn Era is given a chance. But I’m really not counting on it. BENGALS.

Texans +8½ at Jaguars: The Jags are beat up big time on their offensive line but still managed to squeak out a big win over Indy on the road. It was a gut check for Del Rio’s guys and they responded, something Houston’s players haven’t done yet for Gary Kubiak. JAGS.

Broncos -9½ at Chiefs: With Damon Huard out with a head and neck injury, Herm Edwards actually indicated that was fine. Tyler Thigpen was the QB the coaches wanted to see anyway. Okay, I’ve seen enough and sure that Chiefs’ fans have as well. Good news for the Broncos – they really shouldn’t need to play defense. BRONCOS.

49ers +8 at Saints: Mike Nolan has done a great job with a young defense and developing J.T. O’Sullivan. Mike Martz doesn’t seem to have hurt their offense either. The Niners have proven they can compete. Saints crave close games. NINERS.

Cards +3 at Jets: I still think the Cards are slightly underrated. CARDS.

Packers +3 at Bucs: Give a ton of credit to Brian Griese. The Bucs couldn’t run a lick against the Bears at Chicago so Griese responded by throwing 67 times in coming up with a big win. Let’s see how they handle a more balanced team that’s coming off a big loss to the Cowboys. PACKERS.

Vikings +3 at Titans: Titans are on a roll at 3-0. Vikes finally on the board with a gutsy win at home over Carolina with their new starting QB Gus Frerotte. Kerry Collins has a few more games under his belt. Both defenses are nasty. I like the 1-2 punch of White and Johnson. TITANS.

Chargers -7 at Raiders: Oakland is young and foolish, but did a great job of covering the spread at Buffalo. Actually the Raiders should have won the game straight up. Look for Oakland to get a little better each week if McFadden and Russell stay healthy. Chargers off to a suspicious start. RAIDERS.

Bills -8½ at Rams: Buffalo had the chips scared right out of them by Oakland. I’m afraid Trent Edwards and Marshawn Lynch will come out smoking, putting another nail in Scott Linehan’s early retirement coffin. BILLS.

Skins +10 at Cowboys: The Redskins looked so bad as the Giants’ victim on the first NFL game of the season, that they’re still getting kicked to the curb by the oddsmakers. Take the points and know that each week is getting better for Jason Campbell and the entire Washington offense. REDSKINS.

Eagles -3 at Bears: I just have to go with McNabb over Orton. EAGLES.

Ravens +5 at Steelers: The Monday Nighter. I keep waiting for the pressure to get to Flacco, but I guess the Browns and Bengals would have a difficult time pressuring the UNLV QB. This week Joe should find out what the word pressure means. STEELERS.

Best Bones: Redskins +10, Titans -3, 49ers + 8 ½