Try dividing 8-spots in Keno

Sep 30, 2008 7:01 PM

Keno Lil | One of my favorite partitions, or ways to divide an 8-spot into different groups, is 3-2-1-1-1.

The first curiosity that we notice is that although the groups are different, the same eight numbers may be grouped 2-2-2-2, and both tickets have the same ways: A 1-way-8, a 4-way-6, a 6-way-4, and a 4-way-2!

Of course the deuce-way ticket has only 15-ways, but our ticket this week, because it has one more group has 31-ways. The breakout of ways is: 1-way-8, 3-way-7, 4-way-6, 5-way-5, 6-way-4, 5-way-3, 4-way-2, and 3-way-1.

You know me! I’ll play the 8-spot for a $2-$3 special or progressive rate, just in case! I’ll play the sevens and the fives for 50 cents, also at a special rate. I’ll skip the sixes, fours, threes, twos, and ones.

A quick inspection of the ticket below reveals that any seven out of eight must also produce a solid seven or a six out of seven. A seven out of eight must also produce a solid five, no matter how it is hit.

All of the sevens on the ticket have the 3-2 groups as components. For this reason, the sevens may be considered to be a field ticket, with the 3-2 being the field of five. You must of course hit the field solid in order to hit a solid seven. This is one reason why we play the fives on the ticket.

There are three different combinations that make a five on the ticket. The 3-2 (1-way), the 3-1-1, (3-ways), and the 2-1-1-1, (1-way), which makes this a very interesting five-way-five. We note that the group of three figures into four out of the five possible ways, so hitting the 3-spot solid will be a good start toward a solid five.

Here are the odds for one against winning catches on this ticket (The odds on the 8-spot are the same as a straight ticket): 7/7 is 15,499.94, 6/7 is 594.56, 5/7 is 57.47, 4/7 is 10.68, 5/5 is 345.09, 4/5 is 22, 3/5 is 4.20.

I like this ticket. I’ve got to give it at least 3½ out of 5:

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