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Diamond's Gems -- Get set for a wild baseball playoff

Sep 30, 2008 6:59 PM

Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond |

The Tigers had just acquired the third baseball Cabrera and an outstanding pitcher from the Marlins to go along with a few super free agents to make a line up from top to bottom look like the best in baseball.

They had at least five Hall of Famers and I pulled the trigger by telling the world here was the best team in baseball. Some guy once said "don't confuse me with the facts," well, here's one difficult to overlook - the mighty Tigers are currently ahead of only two teams in the AL, which is comprised of 14 teams. How do you release this safety anyway?

As I sit on my couch Sunday with my article's deadline only a few hours away, I've spent more time changing batteries on my clicker than writing this week. I kept switching from the baseball package to the football games to keep myself current enough to analyze the upcoming playoffs as well as selections for next week's NFL.

Well, let's start with what we now know. The Red Sox open in Anaheim this Wednesday. My outlook for this best of five series is the Angels have the upper hand in pitching, managers, every day players and location. Mike Scocia will play little ball, and the series should be low scoring, except when they get back to Boston in a fourth game as October breezes prevail at Fenway. Angels.

The other match-up is not clear yet as there must be a playoff on Monday and possibly Tuesday if the White Sox proceed. If it is Twins versus Rays I'd invest in an upset, as the mini-bullpen is super and their hitters seem to score on almost all opportunities. The left-handed hitters on the Twins will have problems with Kazmir, but he has had a poor record this September. So he may be worn out.

If the White Sox get there they will have used up all their strong pitching and I give them little chance of beating the Rays.

In the National League the Dodgers go to Chicago and Lou Pinella has all his ducks in place with Dempster, Harden and Zambrano. They will be big favorites to beat Torre's crew. Cubs.

The other match up of Brewers at Philly could be more interesting as Sabbathia is as good as it gets. However, their other star pitcher Sheets becomes a huge question mark. That doesn't leave the Brewers in very good shape. The Phillies can also hit. Phillies.

Let's start the footmen with UAB a winner as a huge dog for us last week. They are at home on Thursday to Memphis and are getting at least 5 so take the points.

Get a fast start to your weekend on Friday night as BYU visits Utah State as a four touchdown favorite. Lay whatever you have to, as this may be the mismatch of the year.

Here's a bailout special for you - a horrible Hawaii visits Fresno State Saturday. The three touchdown spread won't be enough for Hawaii.

If you've still got a few chips Sunday, take a good look at the Bears -2½ as a visitor to Detroit. The Bears' defense will likely hold Kittna to only a few scores, and may be able to match that on turnover scores themselves. Bears.

John Denver sang a song about Rocky Mountain High, and that pertains to the Broncos as their defense has remained in the foothills. Bet the Bucs at Denver as high as the hilltops. Over.

The Giants are less than a touchdown favorite over the Seahawks. Their defense should give Hasselbeck reason enough not to take another trip to NY, as their last trip on opening day they got humbled by Buffalo by 24 points. Giants.

Tip of the week: Due to the new college clock rules, possessions are at an all time low, and I'm certain so is the scoring, don't be fooled by the few high numbers you see, as they are primarily due to defensive scores. Most college games are going under, and most pro games are going over, almost at a 2-to-1 ratio the last two weeks.

Have a great week.