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I'd like to drop an F-bomb on poker room bullies

Sep 30, 2008 7:01 PM

Back in the Saddle by Johnny Hale| Carol, I know that you live in a dream world and believe most everything is simon-pure when playing poker.

I’m old school and believe ladies are to be protected from the undesirable language and actions of undesirables. My wife trusts everybody and believes me to be telling the truth when I talk about always winning at poker.

Recently, I took my family to one of the big Las Vegas Strip poker rooms for dinner and a little enjoyment. The name of the poker room is omitted to give the room a chance to install the necessary rules and eliminate the offensive players.

Carol and Oklahoma Sarah were playing in the No Limit game while I played in their 2 p.m. No Limit poker tournament. After the tournament I put my name on the $10 x $20 limit Omaha 8-or-Better game with a half-kill. Shortly thereafter, I was invited to take my seat.

 There was an old-time backroom pool hall type of player who wanted to be pot sergeant and take control of all of the aspects of the game. This player wanted to assume all of the dealer’s responsibility to keep the game running smoothly.

This player was rude and his language was from the gutter. There was a lady at the table sitting next to him.

I spoke up and told this rogue player that my ladies were present in the room. I asked him if he knew of the old code calling for all the gentlemen players to correct their language so that the ladies would not be embarrassed.

The rogue player responded with a string of F-bombs and told me to shut up. I told him to let the dealer run the game. I’m a lover, not a fighter!

I did mention that I would spot him 50 years and say what was needed to be said. He was just a backroom pool hall bully that was definitely no longer acceptable in polite company.

I then advised the card room manager that we would not come to her poker room if they could not bring the standards of the room up to present acceptable standards and conditions.

Moreover, I advised the card room manager that many of us old time players had spent a lifetime bringing the sport of poker that we love up out of the backroom of the pool hall and men’s only rooms. I want poker to be socially acceptable so that it can be played on television and in the living rooms of the world.

 This was part of the reason that there was a poker explosion of players, but that this image would be lost if the card room manager did not enforce decorum.

On to business matters

I know that we have the gaming commission here in Nevada that has been appointed to protect us and to supervise and control the gaming here in the Silver state.

The gaming commission has been selected by the Governor with the help of other politicians.

Well, our county commission has had a little trouble! You would not want to invite some of the folks to your home poker game that have been sleeping

on the judicial bench while they judge us!

A few years ago in one of the major hotels on the Strip there was a serious problem with a poker tournament. A delegation of well known and respected players wre upset and we visited the gaming commission.

They told us that if you do not trust the hotel, you should not play.

OK-J Tip of the Week:

Remember, you do not have to go broke to learn how to play better. Know that playing the game is far greater than the prize.

Remember to always Stay Lucky!!