Kim Kardashian-Jessica Simpson prop on NFL week 4 sheet

Sep 30, 2008 7:00 PM

On The Mark by Mark Mayer |

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Dan Shapiro at Lucky’s is quite creative and no doubt a connoisseur of fine women. How else can a Kim Kardashian-Jessica Simpson prop make its way on an NFL Week 4 sheet?

The prop involved Kim’s beau Reggie Bush getting 160 total yards against Jessica’s bud Tony Romo. Final count: Romo 307 yards, Bush 38. Blame Deuce McAllister.

Me, I was too busy downloading Kardashian photos.


BYU -28½ at Utah St: The good news for U-State is the game is Friday so the pain ends early. A first-half line is a bargain. BYU.

Cincinnati -3½ at Marshall: Cincy had its scare last week at Akron. Marshall gave it a good shot against West Virginia. Nothing left this week. CINCINNATI.

UConn +7 at N. Carolina: I like the Tar Heels much better as an underdog. A field goal could decide this one. UCONN.

Texas Tech -7 at Kansas St: The safe path is to just root for both teams to score, and score, and score. OVER.

Kentucky +16½ at Alabama: Now everyone believes Bama is for real. Well, this is a perfect spot for a a letdown and Kentucky is capable of causing trouble. KENTUCKY.

Auburn +4 at Vanderbilt: The Commodores have had two weeks to study why Auburn doesn’t score much. If Northwestern can be 5-0, so can…VANDY.

Stanford +7½ at Notre Dame: Stanford barely beat Washington without Jake Locker. The Irish will will have Jimmy Clausen and he’s playing better. NOTRE DAME.

Texas -14 at Colorado: In UTEP’s biggest home game ever a few week ago against the Horns, they were blown out. No contest in the passing game. TEXAS.

Rice +14 at Tulsa: The books won’t make the projected total 100. At least I don’t think so. OVER.

Wyoming +11 at New Mexico: The Lobos shouldn’t give 11 points to anyone. WYOMING.

Arizona St +9½ at Cal: The Sun Devils finally leave home and will wonder why. CAL.

Ohio St -2½ at Wisconsin: The Badgers will be smarting all week from that Michigan meltdown. Buckeyes are on the rise with Pryor and Beanie. OHIO ST.

FIU -7 at North Texas: Holy Toledo, do you believe that little Florida International won 35-16 on the road? Rice smacked N. Texas for 77 in three quarters. FIU.

San Diego St +24½ at TCU: The Horned Frogs may well be 25 better, but not this week. Not after getting their bubble burst big-time at Oklahoma. SAN DIEGO ST.


Chargers -6½ at Dolphins: The Dolphins have had two weeks to prepare for San Diego, which just can’t seem to put two good halves together. DOLPHINS.

Redskins +6 at Eagles: It’s now three straight wins and cover for Washington. The Eagles are tough, but banged up. REDSKINS.

Bears -2½ at Lions: With 2-2 leading the NFC North, the Lions can actually get back in the race with a win. Matt Millen is gone! I smell success. LIONS.

Chiefs +9½ at Panthers: KC and LJ showed last week that the Broncos have no business giving 8. And, here’s another example of an overinflated line. CHIEFS.

Patriots -3 at 49ers: Imagine this line with Tom Brady? Talk about value! PATRIOTS.

Seahawks +7 at Giants: The Giants actually play better on the road. Remember Cincy? SEAHAWKS.

Vikes +3 at Saints: Superdome rocks on Monday night. Vikes’ QB situation is a mess. SAINTS.

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