Shopping odds at casinos not always good bet

Oct 7, 2008 5:01 PM

Vaccaro’s View by Jimmy Vaccaro | You always hear of shopping for value and the need to get the best number on the game. Some live by that rule, but I believe the other 99 percent offer more lip service than results.

How far would you go get the +10 as opposed to +9? Say you lived on Boulder Highway and the closest store was on the Strip. If your rent money was due Monday, is the time and aggravation worth it? The obvious answer is yes, but I suspect the majority do not.

The mindset is the game will never fall and the best number will not benefit me. When next in a sports book and the crowd is 10-deep, watch this phenomena. It might be that a team is -3 and while you are in line the number moves on you.

Although you hear from so many people and so many shows on why this is not a good move, mainstream bettors just play the game and don’t fear the consequence. Me, I do not compare prices between Albertson’s and Smith’s, though I should.

I suppose that is why human nature gets us all in the end. Value is a term that is tossed around these days, but we are guilty in our own way. Just remember any number played at a disadvantage means you will have to win at least two more games in every 100 just to get even.

The choice, like always, is yours.