Eastside Cannery proves good for live Keno

Oct 7, 2008 4:59 PM

Keno Lil |

The Eastside Cannery offers some nice 4- and 5-spot tickets. The 4-spot payoffs on a $1 bet are: 4/4 = 160, 3/4 = 2, 2/4 = 1.

This is not a bad 4-spot at all. The EC has boosted its top end payoff and trimmed the 3/4 payoff similar to those "special rates" from 20 years ago. Itís competitive in terms of house percentage, probably better for the player than most games.

The 5 spot payoffs are: 5/5 = 900, 4/5 = 10, 3/5 = 1. Again, not a bad 5-spot payout. Again, itís something like an old special rate. In this case, the 4/5 is still respectable. Nice.

The 6 spot payouts are: 6/6 = 2,000, 5/6 = 80, 4/6 = 4, 3/6 = 1. This is a very competitive payout, but I donít like it for one reason. It needlessly exposes straight $1 players to the hassle of filling out a tax form.

For this reason I like 6-spots that pay $1,480 for the 6-of-6, and boost the smaller pays in return. If you play this ticket at the Eastside Cannery, do it for 50 cents per way.

The 8 spot payouts are: 8/8 = 30,000, 7/8 =1,500, 6/8 = 65, 5/8 = 8, 4/8 = 1. This $1 looks like a fine pay rate for an 8-spot, though the six-hit is weak and more than made up for by the push on the 4. This is a way playable ticket. The only problem is the tax angle on the 7/8. Again, play this ticket for 50 cents per way.

Also the Eastside Cannery offers the old 70-cent rates that are pretty old school and fun. Itís Retro Keno with nice payouts. Those who want to park and ride or go to Vegas sans auto, take a transit bus to the EC.

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