This Dog feels a lot more alive than Davis

Oct 7, 2008 5:01 PM

Denny the Dog by Dennis Ball |

last week

Is Al Davis dead or alive? I thought someone had told me he was dead, but his lips were moving the other day when I saw him on ESPN so I’m confused.

I think he set the glory years of the Oakland Raiders back about a century with the Lane Kiffin barbecue he treated the press to last week. He looks and sounds like one of those fighters that’s taken one too many punches.

Every week of the NFL season feels like a heavyweight championship bout. One week you’re knocked to the canvas, the next week you’re back in there ducking the losers and weaving around the faves and dogs trying to find the winners.

Five rounds of the NFL are in the books. As of this minute, the Tennessee Titans and New York Giants stand alone in the center of the ring, undefeated. Denny the Dog felt like a champ (not a chump for a change) with his picks last week. The Dog will fight until the end of the final round!

Bears -1½ at Falcons: The Falcons defense has been better than imagined with John Abraham leading the way. You also have to respect what Matt Ryan and Michael Turner have accomplished, but I’m sticking with the more experienced QB and tenacious defense. I’m a believer in Kyle Orton. BEARS.

Dolphins +3 at Texans: Miami is playing inspirational football with back to back wins over the Pats and Chargers. Texans are hungry for their first win, but I’m not sure how they’re going to react after blowing a 17-point lead in less than three minutes. Can’t back Houston at this point. DOLPHINS.

Ravens +7 at Colts: I’m impressed with the fact that Baltimore has held opponents to under 100 yards rushing for the last 23 games! Ravens have lost two heartbreakers to Steelers and Titans, but are competing and mostly winning some money against the point spreads. Colts could easily be 1-3. RAVENS.

Lions +13 at Vikings: I thought the firing of Matt Millen would fire up the Lions. But instead of roaring they’ve turned into pussycats. John Kitna looks lost and the running game has been missing in action since the Lions finished the preseason unbeaten! VIKES.

Raiders +7 at Saints: The Raiders have been underrated all season long. I believe the nasty feud between Davis and Kiffin is the only thing that has prevented the Raiders from being 3-1 instead of 1-3. RAIDERS.

Bengals +6 at Jets: A hurt Carson Palmer played his heart out in Dallas. If not for a Chris Perry fumble the Bengals may have pulled off the upset. However, the Jets have had a week to rest up and they’re going to come hard and fast after the QB, whether it’s Palmer or Fitzpatrick. Favre off 6 TD game. JETS.

Panthers +3 at Bucs: Both of these defenses are spectacular. I love both teams. Brian Griese was knocked out of the game last week. At this time I’m not sure whether we’ll see Griese or Jeff Garcia. Either way I’m not betting against Jake Delhomme right now. He can attack the defense with nuclear type weapons. It’s tough to defend Steve Smith, Muhsin Muhammed and DeAngelo Williams. PANTHERS.

Rams +14 at Skins: I can’t find anything positive to say about the Rams, other than Scott Linehan is gone and Marc Bulger has been reinstated as the starting QB. I don’t think those changes will be enough. The Skins are in the roughest division in the NFL and are 2-1 against their divisional foes. Skins rushed for 204 yards and ran the ball down the throat of the number one rush defense in the league. Difficult to defend a wager on the Rams. Skins haven’t committed one turnover this season! SKINS.

Jags +3 at Broncos: I’m not letting the defensive effort last week versus Tampa Bay blind me to the fact that Denver has issues on defense. Jags defense can shut down Denver. JAGS.

Cowboys -6 at Cards: Dallas is the better team in nearly every category. Cowboys should be up for this road game after being upset by Skins and nearly upset by the winless Bengals. COWBOYS.

Eagles -5 at 49ers: The Pats wore down the Niners toward the end of the game and that’s exactly what the Eagles will do to put the pressure squarely on J.T. O’Sullivan. The Eagles’ No. 1 rush defense that was eaten alive by Washington last week will rebound. That’s bad news for Frank Gore and Mike Nolan. EAGLES.

Packers +3 at Seahawks: I think both of these clubs may be in deep do-do. But the do-do is a little deeper in Seattle. No running game is making it very difficult for a team that is trying to come back from injuries at wide receiver. PACKERS.

Patriots +6½ at Chargers: The lightning bolts aren’t lighting anything up lately. The Chargers are 2-3 and should be 2-4. L.T. rushed 12 times for 35 yards against Miami. I think notorious Norv will figure out a way to keep this baby close. PATRIOTS.

Giants -7 at Browns: G-Men pushed the Browns around in preseason like they were a high school team. The Browns have played like a junior varsity team the first four weeks. Brownies in the national spotlight for the second time this season. Things didn’t go well against Pittsburgh the first time but I’m looking for Cleveland to feed off their second half offensive performance in Cincinnati. Giants should be a 12-point favorite. This Monday game has to be a trap. Beware! BROWNS.

Best Bones: Patriots, Panthers, Eagles.