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CityCenter still on track

Oct 6, 2008 4:59 PM

Gaming Insider by Phil Hevener |

Heres what Chief Design and Construction Officer Bobby Baldwin says of the progress toward getting retail space leased in the CityCenter commercial and entertainment district to be known as The Crystals.

"It looks pretty good," he explained. "We have 76 different leases to get completed, which includes all the retail and all the food and beverage. We have 20 signed deals and we have another 20 or 30 where the business points are pretty much worked out, but have yet not been signed. We expect to get just about all of the leases done and Crystals should have all but about six spaces leased by the time we open.

"We have five or six locations within Crystals that are pretty tough locations given the traffic flows and they take more time. The retail environment, as you probably know, is also slow, particularly in the United States. Its difficult to get these companies, many of which are foreign companies, to sign their leases, as strange as that may seem. They dont want to do anything until the very last moment, but Crystals is coming together nicely."

The $9.2 billion CityCenter complex, is the largest private construction project in the U.S. and MGM officials have not budged from their view that it will be opening late next year.