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Avoid big chalks with college football betting picks

Oct 14, 2008 5:01 PM

Getting Rich with Saber by Richard Saber |

last week

In this time of trouble, I found this great sports bar called Dean’s Place (8355 S. Dean Martin Dr. just across from the Silverton) with great food, slots and games to watch on big flat screen sets.

Growing up in Steubenville we were always just trying to make ends meet. My grandmother Anna Lamantia could make greens and beans to die for with homemade Italian bread. Well Dean’s Place is the closest I’ve ever come to that.

Chef Dominic Tedesco really knows what he is doing. So take a ride to Dean’s and have some greens, beans, spaghetti, meatballs or anything you like. And, don’t forget a glass of red.

As for college football, just avoid those big chalks. My bankroll has grown as a result. Let’s see if it continues.

Wisconsin +3½ at Iowa: Badgers mindset and physical pain from three straight losses, including the Penn State blowout, may take its toll. Iowa is looking for revenge. IOWA.

Vandy +15 at Georgia: Bulldogs could be looking ahead to LSU next week and then Florida. Vanderbilt suffered its first loss last week, but that was as the chalk. As a visiting dog they are 15-4 ATS since 2004. VANDY.

Ohio St -3½ at Michigan St: Not so sure they have the correct favorite. Ohio State offense almost nonexistent with just one cover so far. Spartans sitting in a good position to get their first win over Buckeyes since 1999. MICH ST.

Missouri +7 at Texas: This is a great spot for the Tigers coming off a heartbreaking home loss to Oklahoma State. Texas coming off huge effort beating Oklahoma last week. Points look great. MISSOURI.

Toledo +7 at N. Illinois: Just get out a bet on this game early. Great spot for the Huskies. The Rockets will be celebrating their huge win over Michigan all week. Huskies have been waiting for this game since last year when Toledo poured it on, 70-21. N. ILLINOIS.

Baylor +17 at Oklahoma St: Another great sandwich game. Baylor gets Cowboys off huge win over Missouri. Pokes will be partying all week and looking ahead to their conference matchup with the Longhorns. BAYLOR.

San Jose St -2 at N.Mexico St: Visiting Spartans are 16-0 ATS the last 16 times favored by 15 points or less. They would be 5-0 ATS except for a very late score by Stanford in a 23-10 loss. New Mexico State off huge win over Nevada. JOSE.


49ers +12: Double digit dogs continue to hold up.

FLASH: Steubenville won its 58th straight regular season game, 30-19. The Big Red are just two wins away from completing their six straight undefeated regular season, Go Red!