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Did NFL's Cowboys-Cards total put you 6-feet 'under'?

Oct 14, 2008 5:01 PM

Vaccaro’s View by Jimmy Vaccaro | You must have a strong constitution to become involved in sports betting no matter what side of the counter you are on.

From covering to money line bets to totals, the results could not be scripted. Otherwise they would say it was fiction. As bad as the Bengals played, they were a fingertip away from beating the number.

How about your money line bet on the Bears? And, if you had the Cowboys-Cards game under you might be looking for the Jim Jones Kool-Aid.

My opinion on the craziness has been harbored for about the last 10 years. Especially in the pros. Surely there are differences between teams like the Cowboys and Chiefs, yet at the end of the game comes this energy from places untapped that have a huge way of skewing endings.

At the two-minute warning as you are watching the same games I am, I would post the original pointspread on the game and you could bet it from there. Obviously there would have to be some penalty. The player would have to lay -140 on your pick.

At two-minute warning you know the down, distance, timeouts available and where the ball is marked on the field. I do not think the player could win at that price.

I have been proven wrong in this seat many times, but it might just be fun to find out. Some of the things you witnessed Sunday were worse than any two out cards in Hold’em.

My strong inclination is we have this huge fascination for this sport that brings us back again and again. The current climate of things maybe brings us all together to forget about the multitude of problems. I suppose we all like some pain, and with the endings of these games we all get our share.

One bet I’m sure of is next Sunday I will see all the familiar faces I have enjoyed seeing for decades now. And none of us would want it any other way.