Final seconds make difference in several NFL Sunday games

Oct 14, 2008 5:10 PM

Denny the Dog by Dennis Ball |

last week

Four cardiac comebacks consummated in the final 10 seconds last Sunday.

In years past you would have assumed these come from behind victories would have been led by the likes of Brady, Favre or the Mannings.

Instead the quarterbacks snatching victory in the jaws of defeat were Bulger, Schaub, Frerotte and Ryan. Special kudos to Matt Ryan, who as a rookie is displaying poise and toughness far beyond his first year out of Boston College.

Now on to Week 7:

Chargers -2½ at Bills: QB Trent Edwards and the Bills were whacked in the head and then stomped two weeks ago at Arizona. Now that they’ve had a little time to clear the cobwebs I think they’ll be ready to perform in front of the hometown folks. San Diego is still gloating over its big win over Matt Cassel on Sunday night. BILLS.

Saints +3½ at Panthers: Saints have been able to score on every team they’ve come up against. They’ve played defenses as tough as Carolina and have scored enough points to win most every game they’ve played. New Orleans will be in this game to the end. SAINTS.

Vikings +3 at Bears: Da Bears let another close one get away. But they will bounce back and kick da Vikes out of Soldier Field, just like they slammed the Eagles in Week 4. BEARS.

Steelers -4 at Bengals: I’m not sure there’s a tougher defense in the NFL than Pittsburgh’s. I am sure there’s no QB in the league any tougher than Big Ben. His performance at Jacksonville on Monday night was off the charts! Carson Palmer might give the inept Bengals an outside shot at this one, but at press time I’m afraid his status is uncertain. There’s too much of a chance we might get Fitzpatrick. STEELERS.

Titans -7 at Chiefs: Their records speak for themselves. Tennessee is undefeated at 5-0. Three of those five wins have been by 13 points or more. The Chiefs have been manhandled by every team they’ve played with exception of the defensively challenged Broncos. I can sleep soundly at night knowing Tennessee is the right side in this contest. TITANS.

Ravens +2½ at Dolphins: Flacco had been unflappable through the first four games of his young career. Now defenses may be seeing some weaknesses in the rookie we had anticipated but rarely saw in the earlier games. The rook has finally reared his ugly head. If the Wildcat formation strikes again in this game, Miami might miss the NFL playoffs but have the inside track for the BCS! DOLPHINS.

49ers +14 at Giants: With the Cowboys and Redskins both losing, you can’t blame the G-Men if they take the week off here. Niners should come into the Big Apple as a big underdog and very hungry. NINERS.

Cowboys -7½ at Rams: Haslett is undefeated as head coach of the Rams. Dallas upset last week in Arizona, nearly beaten by Cincinnati and losers to Washington. The Cowboys’ task became a little bit tougher with Tony Romo out four weeks with an injured finger. Rams can’t be out of their misery after one upset can they? COWBOYS.

Lions + 8 at Texans: I didn’t expect the Texans to come back and grab an exciting last-second win over Miami after what happened to them against Indy the previous week. I think they can win the last two of their four-game homestand. Marinelli is probably wishing he left the building with Matt Millen. QB Jon Kitna has been terrible and Orlovsky is not going to improve the situation. TEXANS.

Colts + 1 at Packers: I usually never pass on Peyton Manning plus the points or, in this case, point. I think the Colts are still a little soft. But the defense looked much tougher against the physical Ravens. COLTS.

Jets -3 at Raiders: I’m sure Tom Cable already knows the "Cable Guy watch" has begun. Al Davis would love to fire another coach sometime soon I’m sure. Maybe Al is calling the plays from the booth. I’m not sure what the heck is going on in Oakland, but it’s as ugly as how JaMarcus Russell played at New Orleans. I see Brett Favre throwing three or four TD passes. JETS.

Browns + 8½ at Redskins: The Skins have overachieved and coming off a big upset at the hands of hapless Lambs. A loss to the Brownies would be too much for Zorn’s charges to stomach. But I don’t need to remind Skins fans that their margin of victory in any game hasn’t been more than 7 points.BROWNS.

Seahawks +6 at Bucs: I’m back on the Tampa Bay bandwagon after a gutsy shutdown of the Panthers rushing attack. Seattle won’t be able to run the ball a lick and the pass won’t be any easier. Seahawks receivers are still banged up as well as Matt Hasselbeck. Seahawks fans hope Matt is back this Sunday. I don’t think they can take another week of Charlie Frye! BUCS.

Broncos +3 at Patriots: The Pats were embarrassed with that Sunday night performance at San Diego. Cassel may have one last chance to save the season. The effort has to be there facing a soft defense like Denver has shown this season. PATRIOTS.

BEST BONES: Bucs, Bears, Titans.