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Team tournament poker set for Hard Rock

Oct 16, 2008 7:32 PM

by GT Staff | For years poker has envisioned itself as a sport with its World Series and other high-end tournaments. Now, a new tournament concept from Dream Team Gaming actually puts poker into the real of a "team" sport.


Dream Team Gaming will debut the new poker tournament concept at the Dream Team Poker private invitational tournament at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Poker Lounge, Nov. 7-9.

"We are very excited to introduce the Dream Team Poker tournament at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino," said Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Dream Team Gaming, Daniel Delshad. "We have created a new poker tournament model that will not only entice new players to join the game, but also offer a structured and innovative system for host properties to reach a new market segment."

Dream Team Poker offers a team variation of the game of poker featuring a patent pending scoring system that increases the odds of winning for the players, generates increased revenue for the hotel casino hosts (more than current tournaments) and stimulates growth of the overall poker industry.

"Dream Team Poker serves as a valuable and effective way for inexperienced players to gain the fundamental skills necessary to play on their own," said Edward Fishman, gaming expert and Dream Team Gaming co-founder. "The concept of playing poker as a team not only captures the poker player segment but also generates new revenue for host properties through expanded player development."

The Dream Team Poker patent pending scoring system creates the simplest and easiest way to score the team tournament without changing the basic nature of the everyday game. Dream Team Poker pays a cash prize to team and individual winners. By paying both an individual and team prize, Dream Team Poker increases the chances of winning money for the players compared to today’s tournaments.

When an individual member of a team is eliminated from the tournament, that player still has a personal interest and potential gain from the performance and scores of his teammates.

Players who might otherwise shy away from the often times heart-stopping drama of head-to-head play may feel more comfortable in a team setting.

"The Hard Rock is excited to host the kick-off tournament for Dream Team Poker," said Mark Gore, casino general manager of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. "Dream Team Gaming has developed a unique system that not only caters to a new market segment through team tournament play, but also allows us to expand player development and revenue as the host property for this event."

Dream Team Gaming is comprised of three co-founders: Edward Fishman, considered one of the top game executives in the industry, whose credits include inventing the first gaming tournament and founder of Players International, a publicly traded company that was eventually sold to Harrah’s; Larry Cohen, former CEO of Merv Griffin’s Investment and Management Company from 1997 to 2007 and its CFO from 1988 to 1997; and Jimmy Delshad, former Mayor of Beverly Hills – Delshad has been credited with making Beverly Hills one of the smartest and safest cities in the world.

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