Major League Baseball fall Classic true to moniker

Oct 21, 2008 5:03 PM

Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond |

As the baseball season winds down to the final two teams, here are a few tidbits that I’d like to share with you.

The New York Yankees are moving to a new stadium next season and this gave cause to celebrate all the memories of the now destroyed Yankee Stadium of old or as some will say, "The House That Ruth Built."

Many past Yankee heroes attended the last day including relatives of those superstars that have left us for the ballpark in the sky. It was a great sendoff for a truly memorable structure that staunch New Yorkers compare to the still standing Roman coliseum.

It was a wonderful heartwarming affair. Frankly, I wondered where Joe Torre and his highly respected coach Don Mattingly were during all the celebration and how could they have been omitted from any mention as their participation in New York for many years, was essential to the glorious past Yankee success.

Torre did win four world championships and coached his team to twelve consecutive playoff appearances. The Steinbrenner boys probably just overlooked Joe and Don; certainly there couldn’t have been any malice here.

A major tip of the hat must go to Joe Maddon’s Rays for a spectacular season. It’s such a feel good story that a small market team with an exceptionally low payroll could compete with the high ended payrolls of both the Red Sox and the Yankees and win their division, which this writer projected them to absolutely bring up the rear of.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention a former cocaine addict by the name of Josh Hamilton, who played for the Texas Rangers this season and led the American League with 130 RBI, hit over .300 and slugged 32 home runs. Great Job Josh!

How about Cliff Lee, the Cleveland pitcher that was sent back to the minors last year and didn’t even figure to make the Major League roster this season. He’ll probably win the Cy Young Award for the most outstanding pitcher this season in ther AL.

The list goes on and on as this was indeed a wonderful baseball season, without I might add, any apparent steroid use. I can’t wait for the 2009 opening day.

This week I’ll attempt to lead you to prosperity with college totals.

As I haven’t seen any numbers yet, I’ll give you some numbers to work off of. When the totals come out and there is a 6 point difference I’ll play them.

Make your own rules, as it’s your money, but this system worked after the 3rd week last season and it worked really well so far this season, beginning in the 4th week. It includes offensive and defensive numbers and allows some extra bonuses for primarily running or passing teams. The more a team runs, the lower the number and primarily passing teams get higher numbers. Please remember that the Weather Channel is a wonderful thing. Don’t get caught going over on a windy/rainy day on a grass field.

Try it, you’ll like it.

Let’s go to the pros on Sunday:

Raiders at Ravens: Strong defense sends Oak’s quarterback back to LSU. Ravens -7.

Chargers vs. Saints in England: Last year it was very bad weather, this year if the sun shines, watch the aerial circus the boys put up. Over 46

Falcons at Eagles: Assuming Westbrook is still out take the points. QB Matt Ryan is for real. Falcons +7 ½

Giants at Steelers: Big Ben is only one shot away from sitting as we all know he’s hurting. Eli is playing like Peyton and vice versa. Giants +2.

Have a great week.