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Another 'Quick-Pick' loser

Oct 27, 2008 6:45 PM

by Ray Poirier |

Complaints that the Scientific Games Company defrauded horse players when they failed to include the highest post position in their "Quick-Pick" wagers on California races have been thrown out of court.

The case was dumped not on the merits of the complaint but on the California legal statutes that prohibits lawsuits by bettors attempting to collect lost wagers. In other words, if a bettor loses a horse bet, he can’t sue anybody.

In the suit, horse owner Jerry Jamgotchian claimed Scientific Games knew of the programming glitch that permitted wagers to be accepted on a field that did not include the outside horse, a possible winner of the race. Actually, that is what happened in the Kentucky Derby when No. 20, Big Brown, the ultimate winner, was not available to bettors who took "Quick Picks" in their Superfecta wagers.

Jamgotchian also claimed that the California Horse Racing Board members knew that the "Tote" system was flawed and failed to protect the betting public.

The case was thrown out with prejudice, preventing the claimant from re-filing the suit.