8 NFL players under pending suspension for water pills

Oct 28, 2008 4:08 PM

Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond |

Eight NFL players are under pending suspension from the league office after they have been found taking water pills, which somehow have a banned steroid substance in its composition. The penalty for a first offense, according to the NFL, is suspension without pay for four games.

I only hope Station Casinos doesn’t invoke the same policy – I know at least one ticket writer who has been taking water pills for years! Her defense may be that she is primarily a horse writer, which may not carry as lengthy a suspension as a sports writer. Water pills … believe me, I’m not making this up.

The good news is by the time you read this it will be less than a week before Election Day. I’m so tired of respected adults nipping at each other’s shortcomings I wish it were over this week. Through the years, it has been impossible to find any of our national leaders that were a perfect 10. Now, Marilyn Monroe, that’s a different story, she was a perfect 10. Remember if you don’t vote you forgo the right to complain, whoever occupies the White House for the next four years.

This week, due to a lack of information, we’ll just do the pros as they put out most of the lines including totals before my deadline. However, each day on the daily picks I’ll be giving out opinions on the various college games for the week. Go to www.gamingtoday.com each day for more up-to-date selections, including weather warnings and significant injuries.

As we proceed down the stretch in college football, as in most years, the "in the BCS" picture makes it more important for the schools to win big, as higher margins impress voters and everybody wants to get into position to get selected to the better, higher paying bowl games. Keep this fact in mind when betting overs and unders for any of the top 15-20 highest rated teams.

Ravens at Cleveland: The Browns are coming off a huge road victory at Jacksonville, and their defense, once again, was impressive as it has been for the past few weeks. The Browns at home came out a thin 1-2 point favorite. Lay it up to 3. Browns.

Falcons at Oakland: Rookie QB Matt Ryan of the Falcons is the real thing. He has been making plays and the offense should be able to run on the Raiders defense. The game is a pick and my choice is Falcons.

Pats at Indianapolis: New England was fortunate to get by the slightly improving Rams last week. The Colts should be ready for this intense rivalry without Tom Brady to spoil their day. Barring injury to Peyton on Monday night, look for the short-priced home team to prevail. Colts.

Steelers at Washington: This looks like a great under with the Redskins only favored by 2½. A parlay of the Skins and under seems to make sense. Redskins/Under.

Have a great week.