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Tread cautiously with poker sites

Oct 28, 2008 4:04 PM

Back in the Saddle by Johnny Hale |

My lovely wife Carol likes to play at the Venetian, Caesars Palace and a lot of other poker rooms in Las Vegas.

I know also that sometimes she plays poker online. I advise her to only play very, very low or just for fun.

In fact, I owned an online poker site but I put it on pause in 2006 when the government said that citizens of the United States should not play. I had a lot of money tied up for quite a long time, but finally I got most of it back.

My wife was not so lucky. When she requested her money from another poker site they sent a check that the bank would not cash. I think that almost all of the owners of the online sites are honest. I think every bit as honest as the Las Vegas casinos. What the owners want is for the games to continue. That way they can rake all the money.

Anytime there is cheating the owners lose. See, the cheater gets the money before the owners can rake in the pots. So I think the owners probably hate the red games of poker online as much as we all do.

I do like to play online with these conditions:

• Do not play it for profit.

• Avoid the "red" games.

I set up three different accounts online at the same poker site and linked three computers. Yes, I could obtain three seats in the same game using the three different established accounts. I could even play head up against myself.

The worst I have had reported to me is 80 computers linked together to play as a team. I do not know if this is true, but I do know that I tested it up to three computers playing as a team.

Here is one e-mail I got about online poker:

"I am really really good at poker. I am retired and have nothing better to do than sit and memorize the cards, try out different acts at the table and play in a few tourneys. So when playing at a poker site I always lose.

"I can play flawless blind-out play for hours if I have to. So the law of increasing utilities over time says, if patient enough, you will always win if playing flawless poker against other people who do not. Well I tried that and lost.

"I think they play in teams of 2, 3 or even 4. All share card information. Some of their plays were way too lucky too many times on the river. So, I agree and thanks for the articles on the red games of poker."

I agree. I will be 82 this year and do not always feel like going to the legal poker rooms here in Vegas. I know they can do anything to me when I play online poker.

Yes they are looking at the deck. They know everything and can do anything to you or anybody else at any time.

The owners do not always wish for them to do bad things. Owners could make more if the cheaters did not take the money away. The owners of the sites would make more if the games were always on the up and up.

But their employees do not make or have all that much money so they are most of the time responsible for taking our money in the expensive games online. Thus the tournaments are sometimes very bad. Then the players can link their computers with the crooked one doing just about anything they wish.

Most of the time the cheaters do not mess with the very low levels. So go down to the really low limits, play, win a little and just have fun.

OK-J Tip of the Week

Bottom line: I recommend that if you play in the online red poker games, play somewhat like a porcupine makes love – very carefully. Just play on the Internet sites for fun.

Until next time Stay Lucky!!