No prima donnas or wins with San Francisco 49rs

Oct 28, 2008 4:01 PM

Denny the Dog by Dennis Ball |

last week

Mike Singletary is a breath of fresh air. In an era of prima donna athletes, who make much more money than they’re worth, it’s nice to see a head coach go ballistic on a few of his star players.

San Francisco fans, longing for a return to their glory years, had to be delighted when an unsympathetic Mike sent J.T. O’Sullivan to the sidelines and then told Vernon Davis that he would help the team more from the showers than on the field.

The wide-eyed new head coach of the 49ers should be a treat to watch in future games. There is no way to predict how the Niners will fare under their new fiery coach, but at least 49ers fans can see their coach care and will take on the prima donnas in order to get things done!

On to Week 9:

Jets +4 at Bills: Favre struggled against a weak KC team that managed to pick him off three times. Jets were able to squeak out the win over the Chiefs at home last week, but won’t be so lucky on the road this Sunday. The Bills suffered four turnovers themselves at Miami, but Trent Edwards will turn it around on their home turf. BILLS.

Lions +11 at Bears: Lions are winless after seven straight losses this season (losers of 14 of their last 15 going back to last year) and will probably arrive at the halfway point of the season in the same winless state. Chicago mauled the Lions 34-7 in Week 5. I suspect more of the same here. Chicago well rested coming off bye. BEARS.

Jaguars -7½ at Bengals: All seven of the Jags’ games have stayed within 7. The Jags play close games. The Bengals have been soundly defeated by 7 or more in five of their eight games. The Jags should be plenty ticked off after losing to the Brownies. Cincy would like their first win of the season, but no dice here. Bengals already guaranteed 17 losing seasons in the last 18 years! JAGS.

Ravens +2 at Browns: Ravens made it look easy in Week 3 when the Brownies came calling. Flacco still playing over his head for a rookie. I’m looking for Cleveland to return the 28-10 beating suffered earlier. Derek Anderson is overdue to put two strong games together. BROWNS.

Bucs -7 at Chiefs: This game should not be close. I can’t see Jeff Garcia turning the ball over the way Favre did last week. Bucs defense is tenacious and should give Thigpen everything he can handle all day long. BUCS.

Texans +4 at Vikings: Houston has the first three-game winning streak in team history. Texans are coming off an unusual four-game homestand. Kubiak’s gang might feel like getting out of the house for awhile after being cooped up at home for so long. Vikes nothing to write home about so far this season at home or on the road. TEXANS.

Cards -3 at Rams: Kurt Warner giving out glowing kudos to his team for playing with great heart on the road at Carolina. You can hand out all the kudos you want Kurt, I’m still doubting this team on the road. I’m also hoping Steven Jackson is back in action this Sunday. RAMS.

Packers +4 at Titans: I’ve been winning all season long with Tennessee. I’m not going to let the Pack scare me into the wrong side after two consecutive wins. I will favor the Titans until Green Bay can match their win streak this season. TITANS.

Dolphins + 6 at Broncos: Lay 6 points on Denver? Are you out of your mind? Denver will be lucky to win the game! Joey Porter matched his career high in sacks last week. Porter is healthy and the coaches are now allowing the Miami defense to play more aggressive than they have in the past. Chad Pennington is a big plus for the Fish and Ronnie Brown seems to love the Wildcat formation. Broncos have dropped three of their last four games. DOLPHINS.

Cowboys +7½ at Giants: I like the way the Cowboys defense rose to the occasion in a must-win situation versus Tampa Bay. Brad Johnson wasn’t fantastic but he didn’t turn the ball over. G-Men haven’t been on the winning end of many blow-outs. COWBOYS.

Falcons -2½ at Raiders: There’s nothing positive to hang your hat on if you’re a member of Raider Nation. I really wonder if Al Davis is happy now that Lane Kiffin is gone and along with him all the Raiders’ problems. Falcons bettors were tapped by a piece of terribly sad officiating. The Falcons cover easily if the official didn’t call a muffed punt on a play near the end of the game where the replay clearly showed the ball was not touched! FALCONS.

Eagles -6 at Seahawks: Seattle broke a three-game losing streak by dumping on the Niners. I will need more convincing evidence of the Seahawks’ toughness than that lone win. Westbrook is back in the backfield and he had McNabb’s back all day long, rushing for over 160 yards and two touchdowns. EAGLES.

Patriots +4 at Colts: If Peyton can’t beat the Pats minus Tom Brady, the Colts can kiss this season good-bye! Cassell is looking more seasoned each week, but he’s still quite short on valuable big-game experience. COLTS.

Steelers +3 at Skins: Washington has developed a bad habit of playing to the level of their competition. They’re kind of like the Jags in that their games are generally within 7. That’s a bad habit. The Steelers have won three of four road games this season so being away from home doesn’t bother them at all. STEELERS.

BEST BONES: Dolphins, Eagles, Texans.