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That 5-5-5-4-4-4 keno ticket rules!

Oct 28, 2008 4:03 PM

Keno Lil | Those nine-way-9 tickets are quite interesting. You know how I like symmetry! My favorite 9-way-9 is marked by using 27 numbers, grouped 5-5-5-4-4-4.

Although I’ve never directly tested it, since the 5-5-4-4 is the best 4-way-9, this ticket must be the best 9-way-9. Of course, I would have to play the 3-way-8, and probably the 3-way 10 just for insurance. This would create a 15-way ticket, and when played for a half buck per way would cost $7.50 per game.

The 9-way-9 with the fewest number of spots on it is the 14 spot ticket, grouped 4-4-3-1-1-1. Here three of the nines are grouped 4-4-1 while the other six are grouped 4-3-1-1. This is a cute ticket but probably not as good to play as the above ticket using the 5’s and the 4’s.

One step up is the 15-spot marked 4-4-4-1-1-1. This ticket is elegant in its simplicity and symmetry. All way nines are grouped 4-4-1. This ticket is probably better to play than the 4-4-3-1-1-1!

By adding two numbers to one of the groups of one, we come up with the 17 spot, 4-4-4-3-1-1, which is also a 9-way-9. In this case, there are 6-way-9 made 4-4-1, and 3-way-9 marked 4-3-1-1.

The 19-spot ticket, grouped 4-4-3-3-3-1-1 is not that closely related, but it is certainly playable. In general, the more numbers you have on your ticket the better! This ticket provides a two way nine, 4-4-1, a 6-way-9 4-3-1-1, and a 1-way-9 3-3-3.

One more interesting nine way nine is the 20-spot marked 6-5-4-2-1-1-1. This is a rare "field" ticket with three fields on it. We have 6-2-1 (3 ways), 6-1-1-1, (1 way), 5-4, (1 way), 5-2-1-1 (3 ways) and 4-2-1-1-1 (1 way) for a total of nine ways. A truly elegant ticket.

The last 9-way-9 is also 20 spots. Group your 20 spots 5-5-5-2-1-1-1. All 9-ways are made by 5-2-1-1. Pick a hot deuce if you want to play this ticket. If I played this ticket, I would also play the four fives on it.

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