Early action with college football good with me

Oct 28, 2008 4:05 PM

Vaccaro’s View by Jimmy Vaccaro | When doing this long enough you find that nothing seems sacred or etched in stone.

Here was how games were moved 25 years ago on Sunday night. The Stardust lottery set the tone and then you would usually post lines mid Monday morning. You would take some play and have lunch with your buddies until Wednesday afternoon.

At that time the bookmakers in the East would open up. Once again there would be some play, you would do something to amuse yourself until things started heating up come late Friday. Then the serious play would begin.

That was then. Now comes Tuesday and Wednesday when the "boys" have been dancing and the beat has been up-tempo. At least 30 games have moved one point or more with all the activity. Personally, I’d rather have all the adjustments come this early as opposed to 20 minutes to post.

If you are not in the "front row" for this circus, would you blindly take a position on each one of these moves with the second generation number? Sometimes the numbers back up and often they even stretch further. You could be laying real good come game time or wind up with Nebraska -12½ when on Tuesday it was 11½.

They win and you got a receipt.

There was also play on SMU and Vanderbilt early in the week, but late action was on Duke and Navy, which was against early numbers. Don’t get "scared off" as a bunch of games stayed the course and closed even better than your 1-point giveaway tactic.

That’s what makes this profession so intriguing and exciting. So do you want to come early or stay late?

Speaking of getting scared, I went to the "haunted house" with my lady Dori and the kids last Thursday and landed on my butt when this thing jumped out at me. When I was a kid, the scariest thing I saw was someone using one of your mother’s old sheets with two holes cut out for eyes and staring at you.

As I said earlier everything changes, even Halloween.