Playing the numbers game

Nov 4, 2008 5:06 PM

Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond |

This week you get a projection bonus on five college totals for this weekend. If the line is 6 or more points away from my numbers play them.

Oklahoma State at Texas Tech, 80.

Oklahoma at Texas, 78.

Iowa State at Colorado, 56.

Clemson at Florida State, 36.

Alabama at LSU, 40.

Remember, if you are playing over, always check the weather for rain and strong winds in the high teens or better.

Here are a few other football nuggets for the upcoming weekend.

Check out BYU as a 35 point favorite, as they’ve played poorly the past few weeks, and they’re not scoring as much as the beginning of the season. San Diego State.

Oklahoma will try to bury Texas A&M to elevate their position in the BCS. They are favored by 20, and they figure to win by a lot more than that. Sooners.

The same goes for Texas, as they host Baylor. The problem here is Baylor can score. The Bears and over.

Troy seems to cover every week, so why should this week be different as they host weak Western Kentucky. Go Trojans.

In the NFL, the Lions had their shot at their first victory against the Bears last week and blew it. They likely have no chance against Jacksonville. Jaguars.

The Ram rejuvenation was short-lived, as the new coach’s honeymoon has expired. Jets have few turnovers and cover by at least a TD. Jets.

Do you have enough guts to bet on the Raiders? I wouldn’t if the spread were 14. In this case it’s only 7. Carolina.

I forgot about the Thursday NFL Network game. Bet over 48. It’s shame TCU and Utah go at the same time. I’ll have to rent another TV.

Now, a less headier topic … politics.

In our democratic society our representatives normally echo the feelings of their constituents, as they are the voice of the people. There are many governmental rules that elected officials must follow, like term limits.

For instance, presidents can serve only two four-year terms. This restriction carries over to many local and state agencies. However, the most amazing action happened recently in New York City, as two-term Mayor Michael Bloomberg somehow exerted enormous pressure on other elected officials to change the law which previous kept mayors to two terms, because "his honor" wanted to serve another four years. The law was changed, and everyone seemed to be pleased. Is this democracy at its finest?

In Vegas we citizens have a similar situation. Bruce Woodbury, arguably the finest Clark County Commissioner that has ever served, was eliminated from seeking another term due to term limits. As several of his peers were being shot down in the last few years, Woodbury stood tall as a symbol of excellence for his corner of the county. Your honor, Mr. Goodman, are you listening? Don’t sweat it, Oscar, as everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Incidentally, Mr. Mayor, when is your second term up?

Have a great week.