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We detest the AFC West

Nov 4, 2008 4:56 PM

Denny the Dog by Dennis Ball |

last week

You might as well go ahead and put the Tennessee Titans in the Halfway Season Hall of Fame.

No one in this country thought undefeated was in this team’s eight-game forecast back in early September.

Another thing no one predicted was that the AFC West would not have even one team with a winning record after half the season. So while you’re enshrining the Titans, go ahead and put the entire division, especially the Broncos and Chargers in the Hall of Shame!

All of the early Sunday selections of Denny The Dog belonged in that same Hall. The dogs finally had a decisive week as they went 8-5. I would have been better off blindly siding with them. The only saving grace for The Dog were the Best Bone picks, as both the Eagles and Dolphins won the money.

Say hello to Week 10 and as you wave goodbye to the bye weeks after this weekend.

Broncos +3 at Browns: All the Brownies had to accomplish to get back in their divisional race was to hang onto a 2-TD lead versus Baltimore, but they blew it. Denver is probably feeling even more depressed since losing three straight after a 4-1 start. Browns seemed to like the national spotlight versus G-Men and will have another chance to impress the country here. BROWNS.

Bengals +2½ at Texans: Cincy is finally on the board with its first win. Houston had its three-game winning streak snapped at Minnesota. Fitzpatrick finally had a quality start, but I think Houston will find a way to pressure him. The one-game Cedric Benson sighting will prove to be a fluke. Marvin Lewis may not recover in time to put a game plan together after receiving the kiss of death from Chad Johnson. TEXANS.

Jaguars -6½ at Lions: The Lions have scared a few opponents lately, but can’t finish the deal in the fourth quarter. The Jags should be embarrassed after breaking the Bungles goose egg. The Jags have had offensive line woes as Jones-Drew and Taylor can’t move the chains. This looks like a possible spot for the home dog to nail down win number one. LIONS.

Titans -3 at Bears: I hate it when I have to jump on the other side of a streak. But the Titans didn’t win the money against Green Bay, though staying undefeated. Looks like another great spot for a home dog to emerge with a win. Kyle Orton is out and Bears fans will be ready to scream for Rex’s head if he doesn’t deliver. The Titans suffered a few dings on the defensive side of the ball during the Packers game. BEARS.

Bills +3 at Patriots: What happened to the 5-1 first place Bills? They’re still on top, but now they’ve got plenty of company. The Pats and Jets share first place now and the Fish are just one game behind. Trent Edwards hasn’t been the same since he had his bell rung. Buffalo has no rushing threat and the defense has lost its punch. PATRIOTS.

Saints +1 at Falcons: This is a very close call. I hate to take a side against Drew Brees, but I think the Falcons have been more consistent especially when it comes to winning the money. FALCONS.

Rams +7½ at Jets: It looks like the "no one’s job is safe" speech that Mangenius mandated to the Jets worked. Favre didn’t even throw a TD pass and they still won easy at Buffalo! The new coach deal worked for a couple games, but it looks like the Rams record may have had just a little to do with their lack of talent. It also appears that Steven Jackson is nowhere near 100 percent. JETS.

Seahawks +8 at Dolphins: Bill Parcells and his new coach have come into Miami and shaken things up. Chad Pennington has improved this team. But as much as I like the Fish, I don’t like them nearly as much when giving over a touchdown. I’ve had great success this season betting against the lame duck coach and the second-string QB. But I need to draw the line here. SEAHAWKS.

Packers +2½ at Vikings: I think the Pack has the better QB but the Vikes have the running back advantage. Packers played the best team last week and nearly upset them. This week they’re not playing the best team. PACKERS.

Panthers -7½ at Raiders: There’s a theory out there that the Raiders can’t possibly be as bad as they showed against Atlanta. I just don’t want to risk my money to test that theory out. PANTHERS.

Chiefs +14 at Chargers: The Chiefs have lost their last two games by a total of 7 points. What makes me think they’ll all of a sudden blow KC out of the stadium? Nothing. The Chiefs are on a 2-game roll winning the money and I think they’ll cover the point spread here as well. CHIEFS.

Colts +3 at Steelers: I don’t believe the Steelers will lose two home games in a row. The Colts have averaged 15 points in their last two road games. STEELERS.

Giants +2 at Eagles: I think the Giants are the better team in most categories and must take them when they’re receiving the points. GIANTS.

49ers +10 at Cards: Now that Edge has retired and the Cards anointed Hightower the new savior in Arizona, I’m really not sure why they’re even playing this game. But hold your horses. I just don’t think the Niners are going to get spanked here. If Mike Singletary can just keep his pants on I think we’ll be okay. NINERS.

BEST BONES: Bears, Packers, Giants.