Call this juror hung about 'Believing' in Angel

Nov 11, 2008 5:06 PM
The Full Monti by Monti Rock III |

The jury is still out on the Criss Angel show "Believe" at the Luxor, even though the Los Angeles Times review was devastating.

Having finally had the opportunity to see the show, here’s my account of it as only I can deliver. Many critics have given a "thumbs down" on the show and have said nothing positive about it. I found the costumes, sets, choreography and the acrobatic dancers to be excellent.

But there is too much Cirque and not enough Criss!

The exciting illusions were on video, not live. What is left for Criss is ordinary. And what about Criss walking out (after about 20 minutes) of fellow magician Keith Barry’s show? Not a good move. Criss does not need any more bad press at this time.

Speaking of the Luxor, have you been to the "MORE" buffet recently? Steve Katz and his crew have turned this place into one of the best buffets on the Strip. The food and ambiance are exceptional.

As a columnist I’m not really very political but we can all agree something is going to change. At least the Republican nominees have a job waiting for them. Not everyone can say that.

McCain will head back to the Senate and Sarah Palin will return to Alaska to complete her term as governor. Who knows maybe she’ll be producing her own television show in the future and maybe Oprah will become an ambassador to some foreign land, or maybe she’ll just buy one.

Like many others, I’m not sure if we’re in a depression or a recession. The shows that are closing on the local front haven’t helped define the economics here in Las Vegas. I still haven’t figured that out. Does a closing equal depression or recession? Guess it depends who you’re talking with.

A couple of months ago I reported that "Stomp Out Loud" at Planet Hollywood was closing. My facts were wrong at the time. I can’t always be right, but I can now report with confidence "Stomp Out Loud" is closing. And, it’s happening the same day the curtain comes down on "Mamma Mia" at Mandalay Bay.

 "The Sopranos" at the Riviera is also going to close. Just in: Dick Feeney’s "Viva Las Vegas" is closing this week after a long run at the Stratosphere and then at the Plaza. Which one is next?

Following my return from New York City, I was met with a major brouhaha directed at yours truly. I found myself confused. After all, is your columnist a celebrity? A star of yesterday?

I admit driving around Las Vegas in a leopard Rockmobile and carrying a stuffed cat along with a heavy stick. Sometimes I don’t always get my facts right, but that’s part of being a columnist.

Harrah’s was the scene for a new production showcase by Ryan Smith. I had fun with Frank Marino, Breck Wahl and Jimmy Emmerson. After Frank’s comments on my attire I had to explain I was "leopardized" in my new ensemble. It was a great time and I can let my readers know Harrah’s will now be gay friendly. No kidding!

The divine Lorna Luft has just moved to Palm Springs. Her next door neighbor is Barry Manilow. Perhaps they can carpool on their trips to Las Vegas! Actually Lorna is scheduled to appear in the "Wizard of Oz" in Manchester, England and will be playing the part of the wicked witch. What are they trying to say?

The handsome and not so timid, Simon Cowell from "American Idol" has just broken up with his girlfriend and it only cost him $7 million dollars. Lucky for him they weren’t married! And I must ask, why did that not happen to me? When I break up I give them the house.

Could this be true? Former Las Vegas and Atlantic City entertainer of the year Clint Holmes allegedly at weddings? It’s true, it’s true! And he was at Town Hall in New York this past weekend with Vince Falcone (where is Bill Fayne?) conducting.

Sheldon Adelson’s case against Review Journal columnist John Smith has been dismissed after three years. Adelson will pay all costs and expenses, while being prevented from bringing the same lawsuit in the future. The case may be over, but the arguing is allegedly not.

Most shows in Las Vegas are offering two for one tickets or can be found on Cheap Tickets. Many hotel rooms are at half price. This is fact, not fiction!

It was just announced on national television The Borgata Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City laid off five percent of their employees. Apparently television news hasn’t been in tune with the Las Vegas scene because local hotels and casinos have been trimming the fat for months.

Thanksgiving will soon be here followed by Hanukkah, Christmas and the New Year. I remain yours truly and continue to believe it’s good to be The Full Monti – as well as The Rev Monti.

Finally, Happy Birthday to Felix Rappaport, one of the true gentlemen in our town. Many more, good friend.