Whippersnappers disgrace my poker

Nov 11, 2008 5:01 PM

Back in the Saddle by Johnny Hale |

My wife Carol knows that I am troubled today about the behavior of the whippersnappers in life and when they play poker.

I realize that all older folks worry about the younger generation. This has been true of my parents and their parents along with all the generations spoken of in the Good Book. Yes, it is also true of even the generations that have come along after those old timers of yesteryear.

We do not enjoy many things the Whippersnappers do like:

• the way they cut their hair

• the piercing of their bodies with metal objects

• the tattooing of their bodies

• the songs they sing

• the loudness of their iPods

• the freedom of their sexual activities

• the way they drive their cars

• the disregard they exhibit with money

• the way they talk and express themselves

And, much more. . .

Yes, we do not even enjoy some of the ways they play poker.

I must admit that they will grow up. The neurological paths of their minds will mature and they will grow into the leaders of tomorrow. And, then it will be their turn to question the actions of their offspring!

I remember my mother asking me, "Son, why do you want to join the U.S. Navy when you are only 17?"

There were a lot of kids in our family. Here is another statement I remember hearing: "You kids just remember this when you grow up. You will have to pay for your raising and raising your kids will be part of the price you will have to pay!"

Yes, mothers were and are most important to civilizations. Without their loving discipline of the children, the world would quickly go really wackier than it is now!

I remember when I misbehaved mother would say, "Take this knife, go down to the creek and cut me a switch to whip you with!"

Another favorite of my mother’s was, "If you do not behave right now, I will have your father take his belt to you when he gets home!"

Mothers have always been the cornerstone of most of the successful families of the world. In many early societies the offspring of the family traced their genealogy through the mother’s blood line rather than that of their father’s.

When did we lose it?

Well you have heard of "Joe the Plumber" during the recent presidential election! Thank goodness that is over!

One of the candidates did not know enough to come in out of the rain, while the other candidate did not know if it was raining or not!

But the country will survive this period of adjustment and will be back on course. Soon I predict we will have a lady take over for this old crowd of underachievers!

Did you ever hear of Rosie the Riveter?

She came along during World War II, when we were in another war to end all wars! When Rosie left the home to work in the war factories, the kids did not have the guidance or the discipline of the mother.

So what should we do now?

First we must each of us admit that we are going to be responsible parents and poker players.

When these Whippersnappers come to our poker table or into our lives we must set an example of proper decorum and help them grow up and become responsible citizens.

OK-J Tip of the Week:

Folks, remember to honor the veterans of America’s wars today. Be sure that you say thanks to all the vets for their service to America that keep us safe. They keep us free from terror and protect us so that we may enjoy our families and a good poker game.

And remember also that we must teach the kids by example!

If we act correctly we will be pleased to see the kids follow our examples. Most will settle down, learn and follow the rules of good manners. It’s surprising how quickly they will be courteous and well behaved.

I believe 99 percent of the younger generation wants to be nice and conform to the rules of proper conduct. Sure there will be a few rotten apples, but we must not let them spoil the barrel of wonderful young people.

We must accept that the kids will cut up and do all types of crazy things as they have fun with their peers!

If we the older folks meet our responsibility and set an example for the kids by our own actions, we will be well rewarded by the Whippersnappers resultant behavior!

Until next time remember to Stay Lucky!!